Wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming and stressful. This leaves you clueless about how to prioritize your tasks. You end up anxious, stressed, and nervous before the wedding. But it doesn’t have to be so if you know the wedding things to do at the right time.

Planning a wedding is fun and you should learn how to be quite relaxed while at it. There are many interesting wedding planning ideas to help you unwind. From getting bridal box subscriptions to taking dance lessons, and taking spa visits, there’s more.

This post has you covered with wedding planning tips on how to deal with wedding planning stress.

1. Subscribe to bridal boxes

A bride subscription box is an ultimate companion and fun buddy for brides. The bride box contains items that help the bride plan effectively and unwind. We’ve got some of the best bridal subscription boxes like Miss to Mrs. Bridal box and others.

Miss to Mrs. Box offers nine themed boxes that cater to the bride from engagement till honeymoon. There are four wedding subscription box plans to fit how much time you’ve got left before the wedding. The monthly plan offers you a box per month, while the accelerated plan offers two boxes. The extended plan offers one box in two months while the quarterly offers one in three months.

Every box is well-curated to match your wedding stage. You are guided on how to plan and when to take a break. You’ll find items like jewelry, spa and beauty essentials, planners, marches, guide tips, decor materials, and more.

2. Have a bachelorette party

Having a bachelorette party helps you get in the wedding mood. It’s an important task and a way to catch up with the gang. Choose a host, theme, and location for the party. It could be a girls’ night out, a cozy indoor party, or anything else.

Bring in the games like ping pong, cards, trivia, and other fun activities. Take it to an exciting level by hiring strippers unless that’s not your thing. End the party on a high note by giving your girls parting favors.

3. Set up a wedding Pinterest board

One of the most important wedding tips for brides is the vision board. It puts your whole wedding planning in perspective. The best place to set your vision board is Pinterest as it’s a community of hot trends.

Open an account on Pinterest and follow as many people as you wish in the wedding industry. Create folders for your hair, makeup, attire, cake, shoes, jewelry, accessory, decor, and more. When you see what you love, pin them to their respective folders. They keep you inspired.

4. Have an engagement party

Having an engagement party is one of the ways to deal with wedding planning stress. You can let your hair down, bond with the one you love, and your families. This is also an opportunity for you to officially announce the good news to everyone.

5. Take an impromptu trip with your spouse

If you want to be calm and relaxed all the time, take spontaneous time off. In the middle of planning, you and your spouse should get away as often as possible. It doesn’t have to be an exotic destination. A weekend hotel getaway within the state, a trip to your favorite camps, or anywhere else will do. Switch off your phone, do not plan, just have fun. You’ll come back with a stronger bond.

6. Go to a spa

Take out time to pamper yourself and massage the stress away. A stressed-out bride is an unhappy bride. Make it a spa date with your girls and have some fun. Catch up, share girls’ secrets, and enjoy a Hamman bath. You’ll come back rejuvenated.

7. Choose bridal lingerie

Bridal lingerie is essential for a perfect wedding dress fit. When shopping for lingerie, you must consider four factors. Consider the dress fabric, if it’s voluminous, slim-fitting, or curvaceous. This will help you determine what lingerie to buy. However, don’t shop for lingerie before your first fitting.

8. Pamper yourself

Take out time alone for yourself and go away somewhere. Have breakfast brought to you in bed. Shop nice things for yourself, get facials or a new hairdo if you like. Soak in a warm bath while sipping wine and listening to good music. Sleep to your heart’s content and worry about nothing. Every bride deserves this.

9. Make engagement photos

Taking engagement photos is fun and important. It offers you the opportunity to work with your wedding photographer for the first time. You get to relax and also master your angles before the wedding. Send these photos to your local paper for a wedding announcement. You can also upload them to your wedding website gallery.

10. Take dance lessons

Taking dance lessons before your big day is a way to de-stress and re-energize. It’s also a great way to bond. Moreover, you’ll have all the attention at the wedding, so give them a show. Learning how to dance gives you more confidence and kills the crowd fright. You can enjoy yourselves and get lost in your love on the dancefloor.

There are many fun wedding things to do and we’ve discussed ten of them. Take engagement photos and dance lessons, choose bridal lingerie, subscribe to bridal boxes, and more. All these tasks will inspire you to plan efficiently while having the best time of your life.

Wedding dance stock photo by Oleggg/Shutterstock