How Office Romance Affects Your Small Business

Date posted: February 18, 2013

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, what’s going on in the world of workplace romance?

A survey reported in Workforce reveals marriage is a common outcome for dating co-workers as 31 percent of office romances end up in matrimony. Still, if nearly a third of all romances started in the workplace result in marriage, it also means two-thirds end in a breakup. Read more at Workforce.

Business News Daily reports on a survey that most employees not only don’t want to date a co-worker–they don’t even want to date someone in their industry. Some 70 percent of employees prefer to date someone in a completely different line of work. Read more at Business News Daily.

Finally, a poll reported in took a look at the kinds of workers most likely and least likely to have a fling at work. What they found might surprise you. Read more at

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