What Presidents’ Day Means for Small Business

Date posted: February 15, 2013

Presidents’ Day Weekend is known for its sales on cars, mattresses, home goods and furniture, while retailers use the February weekend to move winter inventory by dropping prices on remaining stock. But you don’t have to be in retail to benefit from Presidents Day Weekend. Read this Tradeseam post to get lots of ideas for how small businesses in other industries can also stake a claim to the Presidents Day Weekend Sale.

Like many other celebrations, Presidents Day has become a major marketing opportunity, with many companies promoting special Presidents’ Day offers, discounts, promotions and sales. Everything PR asks the question, should Presidents Day be used as a marketing/sales opportunity, or should we focus  more on raising awareness on other issues, of the deeper meaning of the presidency and public service?

Finally, how do you think past presidents like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington would have done as small business owners in today’s world? Young Upstarts offers a thought-provoking look at whether our former presidents would have been as successful if they were presidents of their own companies.

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