3 Ways to Stay Accessible to Customers During the Holidays

Date posted: December 13, 2011

The holiday season can be a profitable one for small businesses–especially for seasonal businesses that cater to the holiday crowd. In today’s guest post, Mike Pugh offers three tips from virtual phone provider eVoice on ways your seasonal business can appear professional and stay accessible to prospects and customers to maximize your profits and results.

From pop-up Christmas tree farms to gift wrapping kiosks, there are plenty of cheer-spreading and money-making opportunities during the holiday season. Having the right tools ensures that you’re always accessible to customers and that your seasonal entrepreneurial venture appears professional – both critical to keeping your business up and running. Here are three tips for staying in touch with customers during this busy time.

1. Take A Tip From Santa: Fly To The Clouds. Whether you need legal contracts or accounting help, cloud services are a low-cost and effective way to organize and maintain your holiday business. Most importantly, cloud services make it easy to scale up and down quickly and efficiently based on your business needs in a short amount of time and you only pay for what you use. For example, a virtual phone system allows you to cut out all landline costs and go completely mobile with features that allow you to add or delete extensions and specialized greetings, helping you stay connected to your customers and never miss a potential business opportunity while you’re out cutting down Christmas trees or frosting cookies.

2. Make a List and Check It Twice. Look for a virtual phone system that offers the features you will want and need to help you prioritize and stay connected. Keep an eye out for services that offer free trials, as long as six months. This gives you the opportunity to develop your business for an entire season, and more, without concern for setting aside income for a phone bill that could skyrocket. If the gig works out, you already know you have the right tools to grow. Just be sure to check that there are no hidden fees, especially if you provide your credit card information.

3. Who Needs Elves When You Have a Virtual Assistant? One of the greatest advantages of a good virtual phone service is the virtual receptionist. While you’re busy setting up your seasonal business at rapid pace, be sure to pick a phone service that will help you with scheduling, professional greetings, call forwarding and voice to text that will help you organize who, when and how you’re connecting with customers.

Mike Pugh is Vice President of Marketing for j2 Global Communications.

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1 comment on “3 Ways to Stay Accessible to Customers During the Holidays

  1. Richard

    My partner and I started a company and we both work out of our home and our Virtual PBX service helped us sound more professional and enabled us to provide 1 phone number to our clients that connected the both of us. It was extremely cost effective and really easy to setup. We have been using http://www.iTeleCenter.com for a few years and we have been very happy with the service.

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