Psycho Bosses, Steve Jobs, Women Saving the World and More

Date posted: October 14, 2011

By Rieva Lesonsky

Did you miss any of my posts from around the Net this week? Keep reading to see what’s on my mind.

Are you a psycho–or do you have some psycho managers working for you? I hope not, but check out my Huffington Post Small Business blog to make sure.

Steve Jobs’ passing affected us all, as consumers and as business owners. Learn how Jobs’ approach to innovation can help your business, too, in my column.

It’s time to gear up for holiday shopping season. I talked to Small Business Development Center Business Advisor Monica Rayes to get the scoop on how to maximize your holiday sales. Read all about it on the SBDC-LA website.

Find out why some experts think women-owned businesses are the secret to getting the U.S. out of recession in my post on Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends.

If your business relies on local customers (like a retail store or restaurant). recent research reveals some secrets to attracting those customers. Learn more in my post on Network Solutions‘ GrowSmartBusiness blog.

Using email marketing can really pull in customers–but a “lifecycle” approach to email can attract even more of them (and get them to spend more, too). Discover how in my post on AT&T‘s SmallBusinessInSite.

We talk a lot about technology these days, but when it comes down to it, the “people factor” is what really makes or breaks your business. Learn how one small company gives customers their all–and how it won my business–in my post on the SCORE Success Blog.

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