Does Your Bar Need a Rescue? Learn From the Master

Date posted: August 30, 2012

By Karen Axelton

Have you been watching Season 2 of the Spike TV reality show Bar Rescue? Here at SmallBizDaily, we find the show addictive. In each episode of Bar Rescue, straight-talking bar/restaurant expert Jon Taffer takes over a failing bar, gives the owner/s a reality check, and gives the place a makeover.

Even if you’re not in the bar or restaurant industry, I suggest you give Bar Rescue a try–you can learn a lot of lessons from seeing other business owners’ mistakes. But if you are in the bar/restaurant/nightclub industry, you can learn even more by taking part in a real-life Bar Rescue–Jon Taffer’s Rescue Tour, presented by Nightclub&Bar. Beginning September 10, this 4 1/2 hour workshop will feature speakers who have worked their magic on Bar Rescue, including Taffer himself, chef extraordinaire Brian Duffy, and mixologists Peter O’Connor and Elayne Duke.

You’ll learn how to do your own “bar rescue”, including how to: spot and prevent potential problems in your bar or restaurant, develop a standout drinks menu and turn your bar into a money-making machine, improve your bar food menu, and finally, smart strategies for marketing it all to let the world know about your new and improved location.

Get all the details and register at the Jon Taffer Rescue Tour site.

Image copyright Karen Axelton

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