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It’s Party Time

The time to start planning your company’s holiday party is now… By Rieva Lesonsky As much as we hate to admit it, summer 2015 is…

The Millennials

By Rieva Lesonsky We’ve long speculated about Millennials. How many of them are there? Are they really that different from other Americans? How can we…

A Growing Market

There’s opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet the needs of overweight Americans. By Rieva Lesonsky   Obesity is a big problem in America and one we…

5 Holiday Shopping Trends

By Rieva Lesonsky Though the calendar says we’re about enter the dog days of August, it’s actually time for retailers to think about the holiday…
online shopping

Online Shopping Soars

If you want to sell to consumers, you need to build an ecommerce site. By Rieva Lesonsky One of the keys to small business success…

Babies Are Booming Again

The second coming of the baby boom is (almost) here. By Rieva Lesonsky There’s been a lot of handwringing lately after the “plunging” birthrate in…

Population Trends

By Rieva Lesonsky The U.S. population is changing. Your business needs to change with it. Last week Manta reported that only 15 percent of small…
pollution protection

Pollution Protection

Beauty and skincare products take aim against pollution. By Rieva Lesonsky It’s no secret that consumers are ready to embrace the latest products from the…
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