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End of Cupcakes?

By Rieva Lesonsky For years many have been predicting the death of the cupcake, or at least the end of their reign at the top…


By Rieva Lesonsky This has been a rough winter for most Americans. The frigid temperatures and record snowfall has hurt many small business owners as…

Getting Toasted

By Rieva Lesonsky As bizarre (or silly) as this may sound, toast is being touted as the next hot artisanal food trend. Yes, toast. An…

Buy, Buy, Baby

By Rieva Lesonsky Just two weeks ago I told you about all the products being sold in anticipation of the Royal Baby (Great Britain’s Prince…

It’s Tea Time

Spring is here, summer is close behind and, if you’re a restaurateur, coffeehouse owner or food vendor looking to boost sales, it’s time to get…


By Rieva Lesonsky I’m not a fashion junkie by any means, but I am looking forward to the HUGE September issues of fashion magazines, led,…

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