Corporations vs. LLC: What’s the right structure for your business?


Body Paint: Check out this amazing Body Paint artist from France!

Buying a Franchise-Cliff Ennico: If you are thinking about buying a franchise definitely check out this short video clip from legal expert Cliff Ennico.


Portrait of Inez van Stodel: Antiques Expert: Get a look into the world of buying and selling antiques. The Applegate Network is in Amsterdam to interview Inez van Stodel to find out about how she started and grew her business.

Portrait of Inez van Stodel: Antiques Expert
from Christine Porcaro on Vimeo.

Stave Puzzles: Find out about the amazing world of handmade puzzles from Steve Richardson, founder of Stave Puzzles in Norwich, Vermont.

Stave Puzzles
from Christine Porcaro on Vimeo.

Portrait of LeCamping: Jane Applegate visits LeCamping, a small technology incubator located at La Bourse in Paris, France.

Portrait of LeCamping
from Christine Porcaro on Vimeo.

Blue Marble Ice Cream: The Applegate Network was in Brooklyn checking out Blue Marble Ice Cream. We were able to interview both owners Alexis Miesen and Jennie Dundas who have built a business which creates and sells a delicious, wholesome product that will satisfy a person’s sweet tooth at any age.

Blue Marble Portrait
from Christine Porcaro on Vimeo.

ImageThink: The Applegate Network went to Brooklyn to check out a great business called ImageThink. We were able to interview both principals Heather Willems and Nora Herting who used their background in art and education to start a business that has created an innovative way to organize, display and discuss ideas and information.

Image Think Portrait from Christine Porcaro on Vimeo.

Debbie Ruth,Hester van Eeghen US: Ever dream of turning a favorite vacation shopping place into your business? Well Debbie Ruth found a product she loved on vacation and did just that. Make sure to check out Hester van Eeghen US to see her amazing bags, wallets, handbags and other accessories.

Debbie Ruth, Partner of Hester van Eeghen US from Christine Porcaro on Vimeo.

Bombay Brow Bar: The Fabulous Female Network in Vancouver found this amazing eyebrow threading salon which is owned by two sisters. They use traditional Indian techniques to give women the eyebrows that will make their faces look their best. While it is not always easy to work with family, these two sisters have found a way to make the Bombay Brow Bar a successful and fun place to be!

Bombay Brow Bar from Christine Porcaro on Vimeo.

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  1. HI:
    I have a client who could be a great story for this video section focus on small businesses. She is a coach, Small Business Development Center former Director, advisor, mentor and really amazing woman who just turned 70. She found that solopreneurs (those people who are the business–artists, frelancers, bookkeeprs) needed ways to build their businesses, without hiring employees. So she developed a model called Better.Smarter.Richer to help them focus. Jackie B Peterson is a whirlwind, passionate entrepreneur/woman business owner back when that was alot more difficult than today. She is now focusing on the boomer market to help encore entrepreneurs start small businesses. I am reaching out to you to consider adding her perspective to your video stories. Her website is
    Cheers Jo-el Hibian

  2. Maria Valdez Haubrich

    Great! Please have her contact us at Thanks!

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