By Ellen Lawton

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy which requires little financial input and Is carried out in public spaces. It uses unconventional tactics and relies on personal interaction with those being targeted by the advertising.

As guerrilla marketing begins with a small initial investment it is the creativity of the marketing which causes it to stand out. When done correctly you can gain a large amount of publicity, website traffic and profit while spending very little. For this reason those wishing to conduct a guerrilla marketing campaign will need to be creative and original with their tactics.

This article will detail ten guerrilla marketing techniques that will inspire you with interesting and effective ideas.

Viral trends

By staying up to date with viral trends you can quickly get your brand to go viral too. An example of this is a small bakery,  Clearly Cookies, who in 2017 during the height of the ‘fidget spinner’ craze created fidget spinner spaced cookies and posted a video of them online. This quickly went viral and brought both media attention and website traffic to the company, who were featured on a numbe of relevant platforms such as the Food Network.

Street art

Why it might be costly to buy public advertising space such as billboards, street art is both free and engaging. As long as the art is not permeant it is perfectly legal, so why not get creative and use some coloured chalk to creative an eye catching free advertisement. Create some bright and thought provoking, such as a elaborate drawing or inspiring quote. This is sure to be noticed by passers by and will start conversations about your brand.

Focus on seasonal events

As Scott G. Frederick, Vice President of Marketing for Logistics Plus Inc. details, one way to stay relevant is to focus your marketing on seasonal events and holidays. Incorporate the spirit of the holiday into your brand somehow, much like google does with it’s themed logos. This will show that your brand is up to date with current events and encourage traffic to your website.

Social media

There’s no doubt that social media is one of the most influential platforms in our society so it would be foolish not to utilise as part of your guerrilla marketing campaign. More followers online means more potential customers and platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are free to join. You can easily attract followers to your pages through techniques such as sharing popular content and online competitions. Creating a social media audience will provide you with an easily accessible demographic who have already shown interest in your brand.

Attend events

In a world dominated by advertising it is easy for the target audience to ignore or overlook ads. Getting face to face with your target demographic by attending local events will help you stand out from the crowd of ads and make a real impression on those you are engaging with.

When tinder was first launched the creators attended college parties in order to convince attractive people to join the app, this quickly tripled it’s userbase. Tinder is now a well-known and profitable brand.

Handing out fliers

This is one of the oldest guerrilla marketing techniques but it is still very effective. By handing out a physical advertisement you are creating a street presence and increasing your brand’s visibility. Fliers can be designed for reasonable prices on online platforms such as

Partner with local businesses

By collaborating with a local businesses you are piggybacking off of the success of an already established brand, for example a bakery could provide a local coffee shop with free samples of their goods to be handed out to anyone who buys a drink on the condition the coffee shop also hands out a flier. This can quickly bring loyal customers to you and will also improve your business relationships.

Foster Engagement

The public is used to being targeted by advertisements, if you want to stand out, instead of just advertising at them create ads which also engage them. This can be done simply through an online contest or survey, a large scale example of this is a recent McDonald’s campaign which featured a moving billboard, if the individual could take a picture of the moving sundae they could claim one for free. This encouraged people to pay attention to the ad and visit McDonald’s restaurants.

Collaborate with a charity

Giving to charity is always popular and you can use this fact to your advantage by partnering with a local charity. “For example, your business could launch a line which donates 10% of its profits to a charity and in return ask that the charity promotes your brand. This can bring in new customers from the charity itself and ultimately it is cheaper to give away 10% of your profits to a certain charity than to invest in the same amount of traditional advertising”, – explains Clotilde Barker, an Advertising Manager at Writemyx and 1Day2Write.

Handing out ‘freebies’

Similar to fliers, ‘freebies’ are any item, typically small and cheap to manufacture, which are handed out for free. When designing your freebie ensure it is something useful such as a pen or water bottle as this ensures the person receiving it is likely to use it an will continually view your brand and most likely showcase it to others.

One thing to remember is that if you can master marketing locally you will be able to master it globally, do not underestimate the importance of a local campaign as it leads to bigger things. Guerrilla marketing is incredibly useful in the early stages of a business and by mastering it you will ensure your success in future marketing campaigns, both local and beyond.

Ellen Lawton is a marketing writer and editor at Academic brits and Origin Writings. She helps companies create successful marketing strategies and shares her experience at online marketing magazines and blogs.

Marketing stock photo by dizain/Shutterstock