To get the best results, it is vital to define the mission and the goals of your content marketing strategy.

By Chris Albert

The purpose behind having an online presence is to build a personality for your brand. Therefore, making everything static and visually attractive is not the point – the content has to be engaging, well-planned, and wisely executed. As much as the quality of your content is crucial, so it is the strategy to deliver that plan. Although there is no hard-and-fast rule regarding the absolute best content marketing strategy, keeping it creative and entertaining has proven to be one of the most effective approaches.

To get the best results, it is vital to define the mission and the goals of your content marketing strategy. Planning ahead is always better. Even if you cannot necessarily follow your original plan, you will have a guide as to where you are going.

Some common goals for marketing include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Audience engagement
  • Traffic increase
  • Lead generation
  • Customer retention

The personality of your content marketing strategy depends on the results you are seeking.

Here is a list of highly recommended approaches that will reveal the best picture of your brand’s personality!


We all love stories. Some of us may not like writing stories, but just about everyone likes listening to or reading stories. Stories are engaging, after all.

In fact, we are all stories for someone – that’s what makes everybody and everything interesting. Therefore, try to add a relevant anecdote in order to keep your content interesting. Get a good internet connection like charter internet, then watch vlogs and read blogs so you can start your journey as a beginning storyteller. If you dig deep, you will find a treasure trove of various forms of engaging content.

Emotional Response

We are all emotional beings. Even when we don’t realize it, we are usually empathizing or sympathizing with everything we come across.

It is better if your content hits emotional strings in a smart, subtle way. Pepper your writing with emotionally charged words, make sure they don’t offend anyone, and be as politically correct as possible. Share stories that are meant to ignite emotional responses.

Be Inquisitive

Ask open-ended questions, either to make a point, to persuade, or even just for literary impact. Why do we ask questions? To keep the conversation going. Writing a question into your content is an advantage. It’s even better if the question is thought-provoking.

Think of Format

Have a good idea about what your content should be before creating it. Always keep quality as your main focus. Form the structure in your mind beforehand. Use italics for emphasis, short paragraphs, and visuals to keep your content engaging. Consider the fact that people do not have time to read long, boring posts.

Extend Your Vocabulary

You don’t necessarily have to learn the thesaurus. But you should expand your vocabulary so that the words you use in your content are apt, appropriate, and specific as possible to make more sense. It’s also important to avoid repetition of words.

If you are not into reading or keeping dictionaries around to improve your vocabulary, simply Google the word you were originally going to use to get a better alternative word. On the flipside, don’t go overboard. Keep the layman in mind too. Nobody likes bookish language all the time. Keep it fancy, but without overdoing it.

Like Your Own Topic

Before you expect the world to admire your writing, make sure you are interested enough in your topic. You don’t exactly have to be in love with it, but you need to find a channel or way of appreciation so that you yourself can be more engaged. The outcome of your content will be much better than if you’re just doing it for the sake of it. Creating interest demands interest from your end too.

Read Content

Researching and reading should come before anything. Read when you can, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. It will help you understand other personalities in your market.

Learn from their mistakes, take inspiration, and add it to your brand’s existing persona – it will come out as something interesting. More than anything, read entertaining content. It will reflect in your strategy and content.

Add Facts

So far I have suggested that you keep your content strategic, mindful, entertaining, engaging, colorful, and short. However, your content will be even more significant if you add fascinating facts and statistics. It will give your content weight and validation. Just make sure these facts don’t overshadow or affect your original message.

Write Like You Talk

Think about the most engaging conversations you’ve had. Try to pinpoint what made those conversations fascinating, then try to infuse it into your content. This will help you to write for people, not for machines.

People can relate with people, but not with robots. Therefore, write like you talk. Do not overdo it by making it look fake by adding something extra, unless of course that something extra adds value. Write casually, and in a conversational tone. Remember that you are attempting to reach a world full of humans.

Build Curiosity

While designing your strategy, try to keep the curiosity factor in mind. Building suspense will take your content to the next level. It will keep your readers hooked. Write in a mysterious tone – it will definitely make the personality of your brand stand out.

All of this to make sure all the hassle, sweat, and planning that goes into cultivating your brand’s personality is on point and long-lasting. The smarter the planning, the higher your return-on-investment will be, which is every business’ goal. It is said everywhere to “think outside the box” while brainstorming for ideas. But you should think about the unforeseen circumstances and unpredictable situations as well, so that you can handle them accordingly.

Chris Albert, Professional Content Specialist based in Texas and engaged with Spectrum Internet, Author with passionate attitude for writing and networking hardly researcher and future technology thinkers around the world contributing myself with Charter Spectrum.

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