“Ken uses XYZ software to enhance the productivity of his agile software development team. Should I use the same tool to boost the performance of my marketing team?”

Most of the business owners have this thought in their mind. So, let’s answer this:

No, you cannot use the same tool. Different teams have different needs and responsibilities. Therefore, software that proved a boon for your development team might not yield the same results for your digital marketing team. So, develop a list of best tools and then choose wisely after evaluating features and functionality.

Digital marketing team members wear multiple hats. Thus, they need to adapt to evolving environments while finding ways to enhance their productivity. Here, collaboration is the key to ensure the success of ongoing campaigns and projects.

You’ll find plenty of team collaboration tools in the market, each claiming to empower your team. However, it is vital to select the best team collaboration software to enhance your team’s performance.

Here’s a list of top 15 team collaboration tools known for their effectiveness for the digital marketing team.

1. Proprofs Project

ProProfs Project is a team collaboration and project management tool. With the help of this tool, you can create multiple projects, allocate tasks, and track the progress of each project. Plus, you enjoy enhanced collaboration as your team members can easily communicate with each other while working on assigned projects.

That’s why it falls under the category of best team productivity tools. You can use it to manage both your in-house team and remote team. What’s more, your team members receive project-related notifications in real-time, which keeps them updated with respect to the progress of each project.

It allows you to pass comments on each task so that you can share your feedback and get clarification. This software is easy-to-use, so you can leverage it to enhance the collaboration within your digital marketing team.

2. Chanty

Chanty is among the top team collaboration tools for digital marketing. It is basically a messaging app that is powered by AI. In addition to text messages, it can also be used for audio calls and video calls.

The AI algorithm of Chanty saves typing time of users, as it predicts most of the responses. It allows users to search chats and dig deep into the history of conversations.

Chanty supports integrations with multiple apps and comes with a robust in-app task management feature. Hence, the software is known as a productivity-enhancing tool.

3. Nimble

It is one of the best team collaboration app that you can find out in the market. It pleases its users by letting them combine contacts, calendar appointments, social media connections, communications,  and inboxes with more than 160 apps and CRMs

In addition, you can easily access your data at any time from anywhere. It gives immersive experience when you want to add notes, update work activities, or access your social media handles without leaving your comfort zone.

Your digital marketing team members are definitely going to fall in love with this tool as they can send group emails to a list of prospects. It goes without saying that your business will get the required boost if your team manages to draw the attention of potential customers.

4. Hangout Meet

It is pretty obvious that digital marketing teams are not confined to brick-and-mortar space. They may be scattered over different regions and working remotely. This is where the value of online collaboration tools soars, as they enable team members to communicate and collaborate from their locations. One such tool is Hangout Meet.

Hangout Meet is a team collaboration software that allows businesses to organize online meetings. You can even record the meetings so that you can listen to them later and extract the desired information. In this way, you don’t miss out on any crucial information and stay on the same page with your digital marketing team.

5. Airtable

Airtable is one of the best team collaboration tools for digital marketing. It is a flexible tool that allows users to organize projects seamlessly. By means of this tool, you can create an error-free project calendar, assign tasks, and track the status of projects.

This app offers a grid view of all projects, and they are available as interactive documents. The data is available as records that are customizable. Its users can add videos, images, and even PDFs within records. Airtable even allows users to filter and sort records in their desired manner. This boosts collaboration within teams.

6. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is an amazing screen sharing and video-conferencing application. Using this online project collaboration software, you can communicate and have an online meeting with remote teams. Users can create a meeting room and send invites to others.

You can share your device’s screen with your team to explain things properly and to give a thorough online presentation. Users can even record the meetings and see them later. It is also available in mobile versions to facilitate seamless collaboration.


Digital marketing teams deal with chunks of content. It becomes difficult for them when the files are scattered and unorganized. This is where comes to your rescue.

It is a collaboration and document sharing platform. Here, you can store your documents, create workspaces, and track their engagement. Your team members can work together in online workspaces/ documents. When any change is applied to a project, all concerned team members are notified in real-time.

8. Trello

Trello is project management cum team collaboration software. This app comes with several integration options, which enable you to enhance your team’s productivity in the later stages. Using the tool, you can organize projects and teams significantly well.

It is based on the concept of board and cards. A board represents a project, whereas tasks within a project are represented by cards. You can create, edit, delete and move cards via its dashboard. Cards can be used to delegate tasks and to assign to-do lists to team members.

Trello has a simple interface, which requires minimal training. Hence, it is one of the best collaboration tools.

9. Slack

It is a robust team collaboration app supporting inter-office as well as long-distance communication. It supports instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls so that your marketing team can communicate effectively.

It is one of the most flexible team collaboration tools integrated with powerful integrations, bots, and a robust ecosystem. In addition, you can archive conversations and even find specific ones using its search feature.

Your marketing team members can share information and insights with each other to keep projects on track. It supports integration with third-party storage apps like Google Drive and Dropbox so that you can easily share files, media, and data.

10. Asana

Asana is one of the oldest yet most relevant team collaboration tools. It allows business owners to create projects, to-do lists, set reminders, and track the status of projects. This app also allows team members to have a discussion regarding a particular task by supporting internal commenting.

This robust collaboration tool empowers your team with customizable views of each project. It even allows your clients to communicate with your team members directly.

Features like task dependencies, milestones, Gantt charts, etc. make Asana one of the best collaboration tools.

11. Yammer

marketingYammer is one of the top free online collaboration tools available in the market. This collaboration software allows its users to create specific user groups for painless communication. Its design is also similar to Facebook, which means you are going to get an immersive experience while using this tool.

By using this app, you can establish a hierarchy within your team. It allows team members to communicate with each other and with higher authorities.

This free collaboration software allows users to attach images, files, and other media in conversations. Its app is even available on platforms like Android and iOS.

12. Wrike

marketingWhile talking about the top team collaboration tools, how can we miss Wrike? It is an award-winning work management and collaboration software. Wrike has a centralized dashboard where you can create projects, plan project details, track the performance of your team, and assess reports.

It allows team members to collaborate seamlessly by assessing project details and receiving notifications in real-time. Wrike is the best collaboration software for the digital marketing team as it yields customized reports that can be used to analyze the time and money spent on project activities. All of this makes sure that you complete each project within set timelines and budgets.

13. is one of the best team collaboration tools, as it lends a hand to your teams juggling between multiple projects. It is a project management tool that allows its users to create different dashboards for different projects.

This tool offers great help while estimating the time required for the completion of a particular task. The tool is flexible and customizable.

14. Basecamp

marketingBasecamp is another powerful work management cum collaboration tool. It is quite handy for small businesses as it facilitates flawless communication.

This tool allows its users to create projects, to-do lists, message boards, and pass internal comments on task activities.

You can also create separate dashboards for clients. Simply put, it is the best tool for email marketing.

15. Gantt Pro

Do you find it helpful to work with Gantt charts? If so, then you are going to fall in love with Gantt Pro, as it allows you to use Gantt charts to visualize projects. Its drag and drop functionality allows users to edit tasks in seconds.

For effective team collaboration, Gantt Pro allows users to leave comments on tasks. In the next moment, notifications get sent automatically to other concerned team members so that everybody knows about demanded changes.

Closing note

Digital marketing teams usually have too much on their plate. Undoubtedly, both online collaboration and seamless communication are pivotal to augment overall productivity. You can opt for the trial version of the above-listed tools and settle with the one that suits your digital marketing team’s needs.

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