99designs, the largest crowdsource marketplace for graphic design, compiled insight from entrepreneurs and innovators on the best gift ideas for small business owners, and shared a few of their findings, including:

Give ‘em some shiny toys

Innovators love gadgets, duh. The shinier the new toy, the more bragging rights. However, gadgets can be very expensive (hello, iPhone X), so here are some options to fit every budget:

Google Home Mini

Innovators could certainly use a virtual assistant to make some tasks easier around the house. A smaller version of the Google Home, Mini is still a powerful smart speaker. $49 at Store.Google.com


Solar laptop charger

If your innovator is environmentally conscious, a solar laptop charger is a thoughtful and useful gift, especially to inspire them to work outside of their usual spots. $69 on indiegogo.com



Is the innovator in your life a social butterfly, always bringing people together? Or are they a master networker and connector, perhaps a community or meetup organizer? Either way, they’d appreciate this gift: a “social” photo printing software. HashPrinter allows you to display and print pictures from social media that have been tagged with a certain hashtag. It’s a perfect way to engage attendees and give them a little memento of the event, as well as generate social media buzz. Your growth hacker will love this hack! $60 at store.dslrbooth.com


 Time tracking device

At the end of a long and busy day, we all wonder where our time went. Now, with a smart time tracking device, we don’t have to wonder. $112 at timeular.com


Lenovo ThinkPad

If your innovator is a Lenovo fan, you can indulge them with the 25th anniversary version of the ThinkPad. It’s retro, using many of the traditional model’s bento-box design, but supercharged with modern features and tech. $1,899 at Lenovo.com


Gift something they’ll use everyday

Okay, practical gifts may not be the most groundbreaking. However, if you find that something that your innovator can use every day, they’ll certainly be thankful and think of you every time they use it.

Aeropress coffee maker

Any gift related to coffee is certain to delight your innovator. Especially one that will allow them to make their first cup at home before being off for the day. $36 at amazon.com or $34.99 at dedicated retailers


Vacuum-insulated coffee mugs

Once your lucky gift recipient makes their perfect morning coffee with their new aeropress, let’s make sure they can enjoy it hot during their long workday. Zojirushi’s bottles feature a unique insulation technology that helps keep drinks hotter (or colder, for those iced coffee days) for longer — up to 6 hours. They also are lightweight and come in a bunch of fun and festive colors, perfect for the holidays. $25 at amazon.com


Noise cancelling headphones

innovators often work out of loud places, such as coffee shops, where a good pair of noise cancelling headphones can really make the difference. The quality of those client calls might just get better too. $350 at sony.com


Simple wallet

Let’s be honest: bulky wallets are a thing of the past. Your innovator probably uses Apple Pay whenever they’re given the option, so why not give them a minimal wallet that is suited to their needs? $45 at secrid.com


Home decor (valet tray, table tiles)

Help your innovator add some well-designed elements to their home (or office) — they will thank you for it. $18 for the table tiles at areaware.com and $88 for the valet tray at m-u.co