Are you a woman entrepreneur seeking greater success in your business? In today’s guest post, authors Christy Whitman and Rebecca Grado reveal the four behaviors that could be holding your business back—and three simple steps to change them.

Many women have cast aside their feminine natures and taken up a more aggressive, masculine stance – in other words, they’ve fallen into the trap of being an “Alpha Bitch.” Although most smart women stop short of over-the-top antics, it’s probably safe to say that many go-getters are quite capable of using this approach now and again. And while there are certainly times when it’s appropriate to act in this way, it may be holding you back more than you may think.

You see, the more aggressively you push to achieve your desires (and that includes both personal and professional aspirations), the more distance you end up creating between yourself and your dreams. That’s because the underlying beliefs fueling the Alpha Bitch behaviors are based in fear and scarcity, and it’s just not possible to attract your greatest visions, or success in your company, from these beliefs.

What are the four Alpha Bitch Behaviors that hold women back from having the career success they desire?

1. The Forceful Alpha – she rules with an iron fist and has a take-no-prisoners approach to life. This woman uses domination and intimidation to get what she wants. On a good day she comes across as strong and assertive, but watch out… she can quickly become mean and aggressive.

2. The Controlling Alpha – she is relentlessly outspoken, demanding, micro-managing and even manipulative. She is not afraid to argue for her position until those around her cave in to her demands.  This woman is convinced that her way is the right way (and, let’s be honest, the only way.)

3. The Competitive Alpha – she is constantly looking over her shoulder to see who is doing what — and who might be poised to outdo her in some way.  This woman goes into overdrive when she hears about the accomplishments or acquisitions of another, and she may even resort to cutthroat or underhanded measures in order to be the best.

4. The Disruptive Alpha – she suffers from a constant need for attention that drives her to do almost anything to secure her share of the spotlight and claim her rightful place at center stage. This woman is an attention-seeker and can be oh-so-disruptive. (Can you say “drama queen”?)

However your inner Alpha Bitch reveals herself — whether as forceful, controlling, competitive or disruptive — it is vital to understand that these behaviors are always triggered by the core beliefs in lack and insufficiency.

So, how can you shift from the disempowering Alpha Bitch stance to an Empowered Feminine one? Try these three steps:

  1. Recognize that your aggressive or overbearing behaviors are not fueled by authentic power, but by beliefs based in fear and scarcity. When you catch yourself in this mode, ask, “What am I afraid will happen if I’m not in charge or if I’m not in control of this situation?”
  2. Release these thoughts and beliefs by replacing them with more life-affirming ones like: “I know that I am capable of creating unlimited success and abundance in my life.”
  3. Reclaim your true empowered and abundant self by remembering that you are so much more than your tough Alpha Bitch persona. Within you lies a wise, radiant, graceful and abundant woman. Align with her.

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Christy Whitman is a New York Times bestselling author, in-demand life coach, transformational leader, CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 12 month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. She has helped thousands of women and men around the world achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, coaching sessions and products. Christy’s life-changing message reaches over 100,000 people a month and she has been featured on The Today Show and quoted in major publications.


Rebecca Grado, MFT, is a New York Times bestselling author, licensed intuitive psychotherapist, co-founder of the Goddess Retreat– a transformational weekend awakening the radiance and power within women– and co-author of “Taming Your Alpha Bitch – How to be Fierce and Feminine (and get everything you want)”. Her work is featured with bestselling authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Michael Beckwith, and Anthony Robbins. She has been featured on The Today Show.