By Melissa Crooks

Increasing as fast as mobile devices are good practices intended for the design of mobile experience. When it comes to a vote, user experience wins any day. Creating a mobile app with a great user experience can be quite challenging, and the mobile app development India is leveling up to that challenge. To achieve a good mobile experience, here are five thoughts to better understanding what is expected from a mobile app developer or a mobile app development company.

1. Knowing the Context of Users

There are several factors to consider when mobile experience comes to play, some concerns the app, and others involve the person using the app and what way the app is been used. For example, most people use their phones when they are engaged in another activity, like waiting for a friend, getting coffee, while traveling or when they are in class.

Most of the time spent using the phone is during those times when you involved with something else. The mobile app developer should remember that most people want to get done quickly whether they are glancing through their phones or they want to get something done.

2. Clean Presentation

There is so much space on the screen of a phone and your app has to make use of it, but be careful to know the balance. When you think your design and layout is good enough, test the app with the user’s context in mind especially one with a bad network connection and is in a hurry.

Questions you have to ask yourself during this development are necessary as it will assist in a clean and effective presentation of the app. Can they see the font? Can they read from the app effectively while in a hurry? Can they see the interface while under sunlight? Are the buttons and link broad enough to click easily? If the development of your app doesn’t meet the requirement of these categories, as a mobile app development company, your app will be difficult to use.

3. Intuitive User Experience

The app you are developing has to be easy to use, and people don’t need a manual to use it. The application needs to be simple and convey its capabilities clearly. You only get a user interested within a short period it might be as brief as the time for a TV commercial. If potential new users can’t download the app and figure out their way around the app in that period you lose them. What’s worse is that, after their experience with the app, they tell their friends and family about the app and its difficulties.

4. Great Design

Many books in the libraries educate you about good design. No matter the definition you give a good design, a design that is good is visible and transparent. To know how good your design is you might want to test it with a busy user; if it doesn’t go well you rinse and repeat the process. Mobile app development India is taking a significant step in this aspect.

5. Responsiveness

It plays a vital role in app development. No one will use your app if it is slow or heavy. No one will use your app if it does everything on one screen. Users tend to be impatient when they can’t see the app loading or showing a movement as it leads them somewhere else.

Speed is a feature that interests’ users, if you can’t make it fast, make a progress bar to show time left until completion. Making an app with great mobile experience is mostly an art than it is science. The process requires having the view of the users, doesn’t matter if they are using their phones or a desktop, you need to create an app that understands the balance.

There will always be best practices and common knowledge. These are, most times cheap and not always good. The best way to get one, and to create a good mobile experience is to test the app yourself. Use the app like your user will; try swiping and tapping in their shoes.


Melissa Crooks is Tech Writer by profession who writes for Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company. She writes new tech tips and informative blogs about latest mobile technologies and shares on different blogging platforms. You can follow her on Twitter.