SMS marketing is the abbreviated form of Short Message Service marketing. It is a marketing channel that allows marketers to interact directly with customers and prospective customers through text messages on mobile phones. These messages can vary from promotional messages, product launches, sales offers and more. Entrepreneurs don’t want to irritate customers with their marketing campaigns which may eventually result in losing them. So, in this article you will find basic SMS marketing tips that every startup owner should know. Also, check best sms marketing sites in 2020

  1. Advertise your short code

Advertising your shortcode to your customers is very essential so they can easily see your customer service number whenever you decide to message them. Furthermore, it is useful to have a customer agent on standby who is ready to respond to customers’ calls or inquiries. Your shortcode should feature in your social media campaigns, email campaigns, flyers, and even on any physical marketing materials, you send out.

  1. Your message should be clear and simple

Today, people are busy and have very short attention spans. So, text messages have to be short and concise. While messages must be concise, they must also include all essential information people need to respond to. They should not be more than 160 words. If it seems too ambiguous and complicated, people will not reply to your message, thereby leading to a drop in engagement rate. The high open rates of text messages set the stage to let your creativity shine. The best SMS campaigns are always simple. But simple does not mean thoughtless. It can often take more work to come up with a simple text message than a detailed message. Don’t waste any of your words. Meet with several editors before sending out the message.

  1. Send message at an ideal time:

When sending your messages to your customers, send it at an ideal and convenient time which they can open and read it. It’s important to target your customer’s interest in your campaign. If you send your message at the wrong time, they will lose interest in it. For example, you could send a message prompting them to buy something but if the timing is wrong, they might not have an interest in the product you are marketing to them.

  1. Always add a call to action:

Call to action is a key role and a powerful tool to engage customers. The call to action should be in the form of a web address or a mobile number. It prompts them to gather more information about a product or service.

  1. Don’t spam and know the rules of SMS marketing:

Most startups do not know the  rules of SMS marketing  before launching their campaigns. Even people who know the rules of SMS marketing, spam their clients. So you have to avoid spamming. The main rule guiding SMS marketing is sending messages to people who authorized you to do so. Most SMS marketing campaigns fail because this rule is not adhered to.

In conclusion, SMS marketing is an easy and profitable form of marketing to consider as a startup. Why don’t you try it today?

SMS Marketing stock photo by Vitalii Vodolazskyi/Shutterstock