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By Jim Galasso

There are times when a small business that is thriving simply outgrows its original office or facility. It’s a great problem to have, and I doubt that there will be any complaints from entrepreneurs when this happens. At the same time, there are ways to relocate a business that will not only improve operations from a logistics standpoint but also foster continued growth. It all comes down to marketing and how a small business owner leverages his or her relocation as a promotional opportunity. Here are five tips that will help anyone take advantage of their business relocation:

  1. Design and print marketing materials to inform your customers: A move should be perceived as a victory of sorts, a sign of growth. It is a perfect excuse to contact existing customers and promote your business relocation as a big deal. Using a crisp, attractive, vibrantly printed newsletter, flyer or direct mail postcard that boasts the new location with all pertinent contact information and new address is one of countless ways to keep those customers loyal. This is also a great time to use social media for the same purpose, uploading digital versions of those printed materials and letting everyone share in the excitement of this big change. 
  1. Update online profiles with fanfare: Aside from changing official contact information, be sure to create a special landing page that prominently announces the big move. Edit all business listings and keep social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn updated. Remember that putting that new address in your email signature can help keep confusion at bay. During the move, you can also interact with customers and other followers on Instagram by posting daily updates with photos highlighting the different stages of relocating. 
  1. Set up communications early: Confirm that the service used before the move will be available at the new location to accommodate your needs and order the service about 60 days in advance, ideally. For insurance, set up Google Voice in case the new service doesn’t initially work as anticipated and use a provider that offers call-forwarding. 
  1. Do not be cheap where it counts: The new location will need new marketing materials, an assessment of the location for interior and exterior signage and graphics and advice on the best routes in which to utilize a marketing strategy. The smartest plan includes relying on business service industry professionals already working within the new community. Even with careful planning, moving a business is complex, stressful and filled with unknown variables.  Investing in printed collateral from business cards, flyers and newsletters to branded promotional items and signage is like placing barriers up against unnecessary decline and in the long run will ensure healthy growth in the new community. 
  1. Take advantage of the fresh start: It’s a new dawn for your business and this gives you an opportunity to review and revamp your brand identity. It is advisable to use the move as a chance to tweak branding, your website and all materials that reflect your company’s image. The business name or logo may very well need to be refreshed, updated or modified to the tone and flavor of the new community it now serves.  Design and marketing specialists can sweep in with just the right advice and expertise to ensure that the brand message that moves with you, continues to reach out further and bring in new customers, while retaining those with whom relationships have already been established.

Jim Galasso is Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press International. He has been part of the Minuteman Press franchise system for over 40 years and was instrumental in growing and developing the business. For Minuteman Press franchise opportunities, visit