By Sophia Gao

If you need to create posters to sponsor a product or an event, an attractive and professional advertising poster design is one of the best ways to spread your message out. In these cases the best choice is always to contact a professional graphic designer to obtain a perfect design from a technical point of view; however, if this is not possible, then you can try creating your poster by yourself. Thanks to many poster design software developed just for this purpose, you can carry out your ideas to create advertising posters for product launches, events quickly and efficiently.

Below are five useful poster design tools for beginners and professionals. Let’s see what they are.

DesignCap has a simple interface, but the finished design is extremely high quality. The software allows you to create unique style posters with a lot of templates already available. You just need to choose a design that suits you best and edit the elements, text, fonts, and colors according to the advertising campaign you are implementing. The best of all, DesignCap works online in your browser, no need to download and install any additional software.

After making the design, you can save, print it or share it on the social media sites to increase your ability to interact with your online customers. DesignCap is very useful especially for someone who does not have professional graphics skills and experience.


PosterGenius is an effective poster creation program that can help users create professional posters in ten minutes or even less. It enables the user to focus on the necessary parts, and it will manage the rest automatically.

PosterGenius allows you to use pre-programmed media to create small elements on a poster, and then stitch them together. Thanks to this automatic setting, the end-of-create poster must look clear, and super-professional.In addition, the wizard on the software will help you understand how to use the tools to design your own posters.

RonyaSoft Poster Designer

You can use this software to design and print your own advertising poster. RonyaSoft Poster Designer is widely appreciated as simple poster design software to develop not only posters but also signs, banners, and covers. After installing the software, you can start your own poster design immediately, owning the simple, easy-to-use tools with extremely detailed, specific instructions.

Installing RonyaSoft Poster Designer is not too difficult because this software is almost suitable for all operating systems on the computer.

Microsoft Word

In addition to the ability to edit Microsoft Word documents, it is possible to design posters despite the lack of photo editing features. Basic steps to use Microsoft Word to design posters include selecting a size, adding wallpaper, icons, clipart, and inserting words/WordArt. You can also insert SmartArt or chart, add effects to text and images. There are many free poster templates that are available for you to download and use.

This is very excellent software for advertising poster design, especially when you know how to use the flexibility of Microsoft Word. However, a small drawback is that the posters in Word are quite simple.


If you are looking for an advanced poster design tool with maximum customization, Photoshop will definitely top the list. However, this is considered a program that is difficult to use, requiring professional knowledge and users often have to undergo basic courses to use. If you want to use Photoshop, you should see more videos to be able to use the tools.

Above are the five poster design applications from simple to complex for you. So, would you like to try one or more of the posters programs to design your own creative posters immediately?

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Posters stock photo by Nopphon_1987/Shutterstock