By Sabina Stoiciu

In the past years we’ve seen enough businesses fail. While there are several causes for the underlying failure, some of them can be foreseen and thus avoided and some of them can’t. Being online reachable for your customers surely fits into the first category. If done correctly and in time, it is capable of sparing your business a lot of damage in terms of profitability.

Online reachability equals web presence. And web presence means your customers can see your business on the World Wide Web. Hence, let’s review 5 ways that can make your business more reachable online for your customers.

1. Have a good website. This includes a clear description of who you are and what your business can do for its customers, a clean, appealing and user-friendly design, a fine usability (website visitors should be able to easily surf your site and find what they’re looking for) and well done SEO. A good website also prevents people from leaving it.

2. Be present on social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram, you can find various ways of socially engaging online with your customers. There’s just one thing to keep in mind here: only choose the channels that are relevant to your business. If your customers are on Facebook, maintain your Facebook page. If they’re not on Twitter, then don’t send out tweets all day long.

3. Run a blog. It’s also a good way to engage with your customers and offers you the opportunity to present various topics in a broader way than on social media and more easily than on your website.

4. Find the best online interaction solutions for you and your customers. Provide contact details on your website so that they can reach out for you. You can include a contact form or a “request more information” form to streamline the whole process. If you want to get some insights on the customers’ opinion regarding specific aspects, you can run a survey or a poll on your website. Considering you are an e-commerce business, look out for the best ordering solution that might fit your consumer’s needs. For example, an online order form like the ones you can build with 123ContactForm, with payment integration and a customer-friendly interface, can enhance the buying process.

5. Keep customers up to date with your business. That includes posting regularly on your business blog and on your chosen social media channels, updating your website if needed and share relevant business news that can help your customer stick to your business and value it.

What other recommendations of being more online reachable do you have?

Sabina Stoiciu writes for 123ContactForm, the online form and survey builder which helps businesses create professional forms without requiring coding skills. Sabina enjoys blogging, photography, traveling and finding ways of gathering and sharing relevant business knowledge. @123ContactForm.