A company is just as strong as its employees. For small business owners, constant learning and training can make a huge difference in employee performance, leading to more successful business operations and bigger profits. However, you also have to grapple with high costs and employee turnover rates.

Investing in training and learning is a demanding endeavor, especially when you consider the cost and length of training. But thanks to technology, all that is so much easier.

Technology has permeated every aspect of life, from how we communicate to how businesses train their workforce. It provides learning solutions and access to training courses without the additional cost of classrooms and instructors.

Offers Easy Access to Learning Materials

It’s common now to turn to digital resources that deliver learning and training modules and lectures to anyone with an internet connection.

According to research, 72% of businesses believe that e-learning or online learning can give them the edge over their competitors. Employees can upgrade their knowledge and brush up on outdated skills. Courses like SEO, website design, content marketing, and leadership training are just some of the many options.

By investing in relevant e-learning courses, you can ensure that your employees gain adequate knowledge and skills, thus improving their productivity and employee morale. That can translate into achieving company goals and boosting profits.

Makes Learning on the Go Possible

Learning on the go is also one of the best things that technology made possible. With the use of smartphones and other mobile devices, your employees can learn anytime and anywhere. This is especially relevant in the rising trend of the remote workforce.

As a business owner, you won’t have to struggle with bringing in all your employees for workshops and seminars or require that they attend online lectures if they live in different time zones. With on-demand learning, you are bridging the geographical gaps between your employees, allowing them to learn at their convenience.

They can have access to e-learning software from whatever part of the world.

Provides Personalized Training

Another important contribution of technology to your employee learning is the personalization of each course.

Traditional training is usually done in one go with everyone present. If an employee misses a training course for some reason, it’s not possible to retake it. But with elearning, courses can be accessed multiple times as long as one has the right software and a stable internet connection.

Personalized learning doesn’t only let employees learn at their own pace but also find their unique learning style in mastering every course material.

Allows Interactive Learning  

Traditional learning involves interaction, whether with peers or teachers. New technologies have changed the game with the introduction of interactive learning.

While in-person employee training can still be effective in educating employees, technology can make learning even more efficient.

It even makes one-on-one training possible with the use of video conferencing tools and apps. New employees who live in another country can easily take a course via video calls. Since their progress can be closely monitored, they can get instant feedback that will help them stay on the right track.

Another interactive innovation is the introduction of gamification, the practice of applying game mechanics outside the realm of games. In this case, it’s used in employee training and is known to boost engagement. Training games are known to provide faster instruction delivery, resulting in higher retention rates and better test scores.

Enables Virtual Simulations

Some people learn better with the help of visual aids. You can help them by providing virtual models and simulations that can better explain complicated ideas.

With training simulation, you can give them virtual representations of real-world activities in a digital environment, helping them better understand their jobs. Furthermore, that provides them with an opportunity to practice and experiment without making a costly mistake.


Every modern workplace has experienced rapid changes that are often impacted by new technology. As an employer, you can easily ride the trend by taking advantage of technology’s contribution to employee learning and training.

By incorporating more technology into your training programs and workshops, you’ll have more productive and highly skilled employees committed to achieving your company goals.

Hristina Nikolovska. As the Marketing Manager, part of Tina’s daily engagements involve raising awareness of the importance of digital marketing when it comes to the success of small businesses. As her first step towards this journey was in the field of content marketing, she’s still using every opportunity she gets to put her thoughts into educational articles. @HristinaNikol.

E-learning stock photo by Syda Productions/Shutterstock