By Louise Harris

A recent study has proven that wireless headsets can make people 43 percent more productive than if the employees didn’t have them. Call center managers want to get the most from their salaried employees. That is why it is important to understand how office productivity can change if using wireless headsets. Here are things about productivity and wireless headsets to consider.

  1. Telephone-Linked Work-Time Consumption — Every day in a call center, the amount of time on the phone with a customer is recorded. You don’t want your employees wasting this valuable time. With the wrong headset, they might be making too many calls or not utilizing the time wisely. According to the study, wireless headsets decreased telephone-linked work-time consumption considerably. This helped to boost productivity for the call centers in the study.
  2. No Repeat Calls — The wireless headset technology allowed the operators to call targets directly. They didn’t have to call repeated times due to malfunctions or other technological problems. They didn’t have to repeat calls because wires got in the way of the phone call. In some cases, wired technology has poor sound quality. Thus, the wireless headsets prevented those hiccups. By reducing the number of times an employee has to repeat a call, your productivity will increase.
  3. Better Typing — With wired headsets, phone operators have to listen with one hand sometimes and type with the other. This is not the case for wireless technology. The hands are free to type. That improves the time the call center employee uses to time. It is not as time-consuming. It also produces fewer errors if the employee is using both hands to type notes. And, wireless technology allows them to listen more carefully as they are typing. Therefore, typing is improved. The amount of time allotted to typing is reduced, making employees more productive.
  4. More Calls — Using the wireless headsets around the clock increased the number of calls employees made, according to the study. For example, one center made 16 more calls a day due to using the wireless versus the wired. This is a significant increase and shows productivity increases as well. These headsets added to the comfort level of employees, which allowed them to make the extra calls. Other headsets are cumbersome to use and are put down often.
  5. Other Ways — Users of the wireless headsets stated in the study that they improved morale in the call center. They also reported that they weren’t as tired as they were when they had wired technology. They enjoyed using them over the more bulky, awkward headsets. And, they had fewer physical issues when they were making calls with the wireless listening devices over the ones with wires.

While in some cases, wired headsets are necessary, this study proves that most call centers would be better served if they switched to those without wires. They can research different brands to find the one that works best with their situation. The right solutions will increase your employee’s happiness and productivity, which, in turn, will improve your profit margins.

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Wireless headset stock photo by Vladimir Sukhachev/Shutterstock