By Adrienne Erin

Pinterest has proven how effective imagery can be at not only encouraging people to make connections with others online, but making them feel inspired to pursue their dreams, improve their lives or even shop more confidently for products. Keep reading to learn about six industries that have made great headway in using Pinterest as a powerful and resonant promotional tool.

Arts and Crafts

For a crafty person, Pinterest offers a seemingly endless supply of ideas for things to make. Etsy is just one example of a well-known company that has successfully tapped into the power of Pinterest, driving traffic to their sellers’ storefronts in droves. Pinboards are categorized intuitively, bearing titles like Etsy Weddings, Warm and Cozy Gifts and DIY Projects.
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Glossy travel magazines are perpetually popular for urging people to quit dreaming about going somewhere exotic and actually take steps towards booking trips and creating memories. Pinterest isn’t identical to the print medium, but it serves the same purpose.

Red and White Fleet is a company that provides cruises around the San Francisco Bay, and it expertly uses Pinterest to promote options such as foreign language tours around the Golden Gate Bridge. Breathtaking snapshots on Pinterest undoubtedly make tourists want to take one of the cruises to see such scenery for themselves.

Food and Drink

Culinary lovers flock to Pinterest and let their mouths water over new recipes, or marvel at how artistic presentation is almost as important as taste. Some pinboards are broken down into ethnic foods, while others teach viewers how to make tasty mixed beverages.

Allrecipes has done a great job promoting themselves on Pinterest. If you click through a recipe pin, there’s a pretty good chance that if it’s not pointed at an independent food blogger’s site, it’s pointed at Allrecipes.

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People who love the latest clothing and accessories find much to adore on Pinterest. Many boards are dedicated wardrobe updates for particular seasons and occasions. Brands such as Tory Burch show how fashion can be a seamless part of lifestyle. Several of the company’s pinboards feature people wearing garments during their everyday lives, which could help the label be perceived as more versatile.

Health & Self-Improvement

Companies that help people lead better lives also do well on Pinterest. Fitness brands frequently post images of healthy, toned bodies, paired with phrases meant to encourage people who are trying to tone up. 12 Keys Rehab takes a similar approach by posting inspiring images about people who’ve taken the leap to seek treatment. By offering realistic and human-centered pictures of life in rehab, the company might cause hesitant people to decide it’s time to seek help.


You may think of music as primarily an auditory medium, but Pinterest is turning that idea on its head. Some music gear companies, like Musician’s Friend, have created themed pinboards featuring everything to specific brands of guitars to high-tech effects pedals. Musicians have used Pinterest for self-promotion, too. Katy Perry and Yoko Ono are just two examples.

These are some of the industries that have boldly and creatively relied upon Pinterest to promote brands and foster increased user engagement. Even if you haven’t started using Pinterest for your business objectives, there’s no better time to start experimenting.

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Adrienne Erin is a social media marketing writer who loves picking apart campaigns to see what makes them tick. To see more of her work, follow @adrienneerin on Twitter or visit her blog.