Are you using managed IT support services? If not, you are quickly becoming a minority.

By Maria Victoria MacAraig

The convenience and ROI of hiring such a company are so overwhelming that businesses of all sizes are doing it as you are reading the article.

Can hiring a team of experts to deal with the full range of your IT-related matters come with a reasonable price tag? Today, if you have these professionals sitting in your office 9 to 5, you are paying too much.

These reasons should help you make the right decision when considering managed IT support.

1. Cutting Costs

This is the most obvious reason why SMBs are switching from hiring in-house teams to using managed support services. For a reasonable price, you get a team of experts to deal with a variety of problems. Meanwhile, hiring such a team for full-time work can be too expensive.

Some companies opt for outsourcing IT problems to freelance specialists. This is also a cost-cutting solution. However, it could take too much time and may eventually end up leading to extra expenses due to delays and lack of expertise.

2. Access to The Right Experts

Do you have a good idea what type of IT services your company needs? The list is likely to change tomorrow. Instead of going through the rounds of finding the right expert or paying for the training of the existing staff, you can opt for managed services.

Companies that offer managed IT services work with a wide range of experts. They follow the latest innovations and trends in the IT industry and are always ready to react to your needs accordingly.

3. 24/7 Support

According to Ottawa managed IT support company, with the technological advances your company demands a lot of tech and IT maintenance. If it’s not addressed timely, it can lead to downtime and additional expenses.

Round-the-clock support is vital to the proper functioning of your systems. For some companies, a few minutes of downtime could result in a ruined reputation and lost revenue. Having a qualified person monitoring systems during the off hours is vital.

The 24/7 support for all matters starting from computer maintenance and ending with data protection is important for businesses of all sizes.

4. Proactive Support

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a managed IT support company is proactive support. With increasingly growing fast-paced technological and digital innovations, companies have to respond to changes and the requirements that the consumers face quickly.

IT experts monitor the innovations and make sure you have access to the latest advances in your field. These specialists offer suggestions to help you structure your systems in the most innovative manner possible.

5. Convenience

Managed IT support is convenient. You don’t have to worry about finding the right expert for the job or asking technicians to come during the night to fix your computer. When you sign a contract with a managed IT support company, you have peace of mind about IT-related matters in your company.

You never have to think about your IT expert going on vacation and leaving your systems unattended. You don’t have to think about paying for training or improving the qualification of your IT staff.

Today, the convenience is so high that large companies, which can afford a formidable in-house IT team, consider managed IT support services as often as SMBs.

6. Data Security

The majority of businesses worry about the security of their information. This is especially true for companies working with sensitive customer data. Since the danger of security breaches is becoming higher and higher every day, information safety is vital.

Managed IT support companies work to ensure high-level safety of all your information. They take advantage of the safest resources, develop disaster recovery plans, and monitor your systems round-the-clock.

7. Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. However, the majority of successful businesses chooses it for its numerous benefits. In order to create an excellent product, it’s important for the developer to know the company’s needs.

If you work with a managed IT support company, its experts have sufficient information about you to create top-notch software.

To Choose or Not to Choose?

By choosing managed IT support services, you are allowing yourself to enjoy peace of mind regarding all IT-related matters, including prevention, problem-solving, security, and much more.

The popularity of outsourcing IT services is on the rise. It’s time to look into your choices in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Maria Victoria MacAraig has been writing articles for 5 years. She specializes in business and marketing. On her free time she loves to read and write about her  travel experiences. You can find her doing this by the beach.