All business owners know that running a successful company can be stressful and complicated. The same could be said of motherhood. So how do some women manage to do both at the same time?

Here are four pieces of advice from successful business owners on how they manage to run a business and be there for their families.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Get your family involved

“I started my business to serve my local community, educate and inspire people to look after the Earth. Now, that my son is old enough, he’s a part of that too. I love that I get to teach him the fundamentals of farming and entrepreneurship at the same time. I’ve also found that our customers love seeing the pictures of us working together on the farm on our Facebook page. They want to know about the people behind the business, to see the real people they’re supporting. –Samantha Foxx, beekeeper and founder of Mother’s Finest Family Urban Farms, a family farm in Salem, North Carolina

Use the tools at your disposal

“In 2020, we set up our FAQs in Messenger by Facebook. This automated responses to customer questions and ensured they were hearing back from us in a timely manner. Because I run my business on the side in addition to having four kids and serving full time in the military, using this tool was essential to our success and my sanity!” –JaBett Glenn, Founder of Rock Your Month, a subscription box company for feminine hygiene products based in Detroit, Michigan

You’re never too old to ask your mom for help!

“I got into the hair business after watching my mom do hair as a little girl. She inspired me to start my own salon in 2015, Hair by Nai. When I started my business, I needed support learning everything from printing shipping labels to marketing my business to making my own wigs. It was my mom who gave me my first sewing machine and taught me how to make the wigs, which I’ve just recently started selling to people who inquire on Messenger. She knows many different trades, so she’s my go-to person when I need advice or support for my business.” —Ndeye Packnett, owner of Hair by Nai, a Texas-based hair salon that specializes in braids, weaves and dreads and has recently added wigs.

Build a supportive community

“As a military spouse, it was important for me to have a business that was both flexible and portable. And I knew there were others like me. When we launched more than six years ago, I used Facebook Groups to spread the word to local moms and other military wives. My goal was to both promote the business and find staff who also were looking for a flexible way to make money. I’ve been able to hire a wonderful staff and build a supportive community of women who understand the struggles of being a parent and military spouse. We keep in touch with each other and our customers via Messenger, keeping us connected even when we couldn’t physically be together during the pandemic.” –Jolie Anne McNulty, founder and owner of The Makery, a sign-making and craft studio and ecommerce business in Tacoma, Washington.

Samantha Foxx, JaBett Glen, Jolie Anne McNulty and Ndeye Packnett are successful business owners, daughters and/or mothers.

Samantha Foxx Photography by @redletterfarm_karen