E-commerce has significantly improved the presence of B2B sellers.

Most millennials have observed advancements in technology while they were growing. Merit claims that 73% of B2B buyers today are millennials. This audience segment prefers buying online because of which the B2B eCommerce market is growing at lightning speed.

By 2020, the B2B eCommerce space is expected to touch $6.6 trillion, says Frost and Sullivan, when the B2C eCommerce space will only reach up to $3.2 trillion.

Therefore, if you are thinking of starting an online eCommerce venture, it is lucrative to start one in the B2B space. To help you begin, I have listed 6 best B2B eCommerce business ideas that are easy to implement and certain to take you to newer heights of success.

B2B Online Marketplace for Industrial Equipment

The scope of growth in the B2B eCommerce space is high, which is why you can easily go ahead with building an online marketplace for small businesses, providing them with different industrial equipment.

You can be the link between B2B manufacturers, sellers, and buyers. Sellers can sign up on your marketplace for free or pay a subscription fee. The role of your website will be to display the right information about the products to prospective businesses.

On receiving an order, you can contact the manufacturer to deliver the product or machine. Here, commissions and ads will work as your main source of revenue.  

Online B2B Marketplace for Jewelry Trading 

Build a B2B jewelry trading platform where you can create a complete network of jewelry buyers and vendors. Manage the logistics and security for them, enabling them to operate from anywhere in the world to any place of their choice.

Creating such a collaborative ecosystem for the trade of diamond/ other jewelry, you can pave way for manufacturers, retailers, and buyers to easily search, compare, and bid for selected jewelry. In your marketplace, you can also provide important information and market data related to your collection.

UNI Diamonds is a YoKart-powered B2B polished diamond trading marketplace, which is integrated with multiple third-party APIs related to the diamond industry.

B2B Online Marketplace for Textile Delivery Services

Though starting a B2B eCommerce business in the textile industry with the least investment seems impossible, it is possible with an out-of-the-box idea.

Start an eCommerce marketplace for prospective buyers of raw materials who can fabricate, print, and provide the finished or semi-finished textile products to wholesalers and retailers.

Manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers can place bulk orders on your online marketplace for the required goods. You can earn revenue via commissions with each order placed.

Online B2B Marketplace for Pastry Chef Services

In a fragmented, ever-expanding, age-old industry like the bakery industry, no company dominates the others in the competition. This makes it a promising market for entrepreneurs to enter into and help popular bakeries connect with expert baker cum chefs.

Bakeries need to deliver large orders for small to large events and parties, for which they require assistance. Using a marketplace where these bakeries or restaurants can find a pastry chef with their complete team will help them serve their customers in a more efficient and timely manner.

On your marketplace, allow such bakeries and pastry chefs to register, from whom you can later charge a commission on each order. 

To start such a B2B marketplace, you can choose a readymade marketplace solution that helps build a subscription-based business or freemium model-based business that will help you earn recurring profits through your marketplace.

This way you can help the bakeries expand their customer base too.

B2B Online Marketplace for IT Hardware Supply Service

Most companies often need IT hardware suppliers in bulk for their day to day operations. However, they sometimes need to wait longer than expected due to the unavailability of a sufficient number of units at their partner’s end.

At such times, partnerships with various IT hardware-manufacturing companies or retailers can help them make quick orders and fulfill their requirements.

Here, you have an opportunity to connect such companies with IT hardware manufacturers and retailers via your online marketplace. This will help them get a quote that fits their budget and meets their demand.

Online Marketplace to Lease Warehouse Space

By implementing this business idea, you can connect B2B retailers with warehouse space providers. Upon listing information from different warehouses, you can provide increased exposure to their audience while making it easier for B2B retailers to locate an appropriate warehouse for storing their goods.


Choosing an eCommerce marketplace business idea is getting half the job done already. What’s next is to find a niche to solve an existing pain point in the industry. Finding a platform that helps you build and start such a business with the least investment will be a cherry on the cake.

I hope that the above ideas provide you a head start in your effort to own a successful b2b venture while also guiding you on choosing the right platform to build it. 

Manish Bhalla is the founder and CEO of an e-commerce solution company FATbit Technologies. He is an e-commerce strategist and leads the way for businesses looking for secure space in a specific industry. FATbit has helped many startups & large enterprises in finding strong footholds online with customer driven-marketplace solutions and high-powered growth. For the latest marketing strategies and insights, you can follow FATbit’s Twitter profile: @FATbit_Tech.

B2B stock photo by EtiAmmos/Shutterstock