There are still plenty of merits to having a physical office space for your employees. From employee motivation to the social implications, the office isn’t over yet.

By Sophie Lodge

The rate technology has been developing over the last few years is staggering, and its influenced the way we live our lives dramatically. The same can be said when it comes to how we run our businesses. Conference calls are arguably one of the biggest progressions in the 21st Century when it comes to the way we communicate. It’s no longer necessary to be physically present, and we can interact with people from across the globe in unprecedented time.

Although these technological advancements have been incredibly beneficial in terms of efficiency, there is always a danger of getting lost in it. Could online communication be the future? It’s likely. Is there still a point starting up a business with office space at all? Most definitely.

There are still plenty of merits to having a physical office space for your employees. From employee motivation to the social implications, the office isn’t over yet.

The People’s Perception

How you present your company speaks volumes, especially in terms of how that can influence the people’s perception regarding the quality of your business. This rule can also be applied to when potential clients come into the office for meetings. Without a physical office space, communication would only be limited to video calls or coffee meetings in a café. You have no control over the environment you are meeting your client in if you choose to meet in a public area. With your own business office space, you have a place that you can feel confident inviting visitors to with the knowledge that you’re representing your brand in the best way you can.

 A Talented Team

Attracting a talented team is half the battle when it comes to running a successful business. Worker’s enjoy the teamwork environment of working in an office. If your staff are at work remotely, you have limited communication with them, and there is little sense of comradery among the employees.  A physical office space provides them with an area where they can separate their work life from their home life, with an atmosphere that will encourage them to achieve the company goals, as opposed to working from home. 

Ensuring Health & Happiness

Having your employees under one roof also allows you to monitor their health and happiness. You are providing them with a space that they can collaborate with other team members and air any concerns they may have with their work. You can also implement many schemes and work benefits in a way that would be impossible for a purely remote business.


There are an abundance of specialist online courses and resources available online to successfully complete training. However, it’s proven that not everybody works best with this method. There are many who still prefer a more personal approach and learn better because of it.

Providing your employees with an open and secure setting to acquire new skills, develop themselves and represent the company will undoubtedly have a positive impact on your business. Not only would this help you grow your business, but your employees are likely to gain confidence because of this and are better equipped with materials to develop their careers.


The security of a business’s assets is paramount. Data protection and security is an ever-present concern for many companies. If your business deals with client’s sensitive data, for example: bank details, addresses or other such sensitive information, a virtual workforce can be a serious security concern for your operations.

In addition, by allowing employees to work remotely, you are not guaranteed that your assets are safe. Devices such as laptops and work phones can easily be lost and accessed by third parties.

A physical office space ensures you can provide each worker with a designated computer, and somewhere to store any sensitive company data on site.


There are always drawbacks of a physical office space. You will inevitably incur the overheads of running an office that you wouldn’t have to account for with remote workers. In addition, you’ll need to ensure you have a safe and healthy work environment for your employees. This means implementing a ventilation system, a healthcare initiative and complying to the regularly updated health and safety laws.

On the whole

Overall, having onsite employees is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you maintain the integrity of your business and your staff. A physical office space offers you a better reputation to prospective clients and employees alike and a way to positively affect the health and well-being of your workers. The benefits of having a physical space is surely something which any start-up or business should consider carefully, as it sets a guide for your company for years to come.

Sophie Lodge is a Business and Technology enthusiast from London. Her aim is to guide businesses’ to create a more sustainable future for themselves and the environment.

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