Instagram in 2021 has become so much more than just a photo-sharing application. With nearly 112.5 million users (or even more), Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms used by both B2B and B2C companies for sales and marketing.

A whopping 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month! This shows that social media is the new marketing tool and is here to stay. If you are looking to boost sales and brand reach through Instagram, this is the right time.

Here’s a marketing tip:

To set an Instagram account for your business, you can either create a new account or convert your existing personal account into a business account. 


Trending in Instagram is all about the smart usage of correct hashtags. Do you know how to use hashtags to get the most value out of them? If not, we are here to help you out.

Did you know? 

Instagram lets you add up to 30 hashtags – but that doesn’t mean you should. Interactions are highest when you have 11-15 hashtags. 

Let us find out the best ways of using Instagram hashtags to promote your products and services, boost your sales, build your brand, and increase overall profits.

  1. A laser focus research 

Research your hashtags before putting them, as only the most relevant and targeted hashtags give you the desired visibility. Here’s how you can research for hashtags-

  • Research relevant topics 

Research trends, keywords, or hashtags that are related to your business. Keywords that you generally use are a great place to start with. Hashtags that are closely related to your search query in the Instagram app will give you ideas for designing more hashtags.

  • Build a target audience 

Build a more targeted approach by segmenting your audience. This is handier when you are doing sponsored ads. You can also seek out the hashtags your prospective audience is currently using. Also, many marketers advise avoiding overused ones. However, that is debatable.

A popular hashtag not only helps in brand visibility but also increases the chances of getting more impressions.  If your brand is already well established on Instagram, a narrower hashtag is more likely to engage the audience.

  • Follow competitors 

You may also follow other competitors or the influencers that promote the brand to see what hashtags they use in their posts. You will discover a few new hashtags to add to your posts.

Some other ways to research for hashtags 

  • Research on Google with and without spaces between the keywords.
  • Use tools like Hashtagify or Ahrefs Keywords Explorer to identify high-performance hashtags.
  • Search on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook if the hashtag you framed has is used before.
  • Make sure that your hashtag doesn’t have a dual meaning. It can confuse your audience.
  1. Optimize your business account 

Your business account must be separate from your own. To optimize your account performance, use tactics like picking a short name, put a logo or a display picture, and use relevant hashtags in the bio section. You must also choose your categories and subcategories and give actionable links and CTA buttons for all your reels and stories. However, understand the fame doesn’t come in a day. You will have to be consistent with all your efforts.

Social media strongly influences individuals’ purchasing decisions, and making your brand visible by being socially active allows them to choose you over your competitors.

  1. Cross-promote 

Though the hashtags used in Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms might not always be the same, you always cross-promote your posts in these channels using the same hashtags. Doing so will expand your views and bring your subscribers from one platform to the other.

  1. Use hashtags in stories, IGTV, and reels 

Daily, over 500 million people use Instagram stories, reels, and IGTV. Hence, when you use hashtags in this form of content, it increases their visibility. Also, it helps users to search and land into your content, increasing the views and impressions. Usage of specific hashtags for sales, offers, festival seasons, etc., boosts customer engagement and conversations, leading to increased sales and profits.

Did you know that an Instagram post with at least one hashtag has an engagement rate of 12.6%, compared to posts having no hashtags?

  1. Geo-target your hashtags 

If you have multiple business accounts to cater to different geographical regions, it is wise to use geographically relevant hashtags. Many global brands market themselves using other trending hashtags from that particular country.

In 2021, one cannot underestimate the power of Instagram. From gathering insights to selling products, Instagram keeps rolling out tools to help business owners succeed on the photo-sharing social media platform.

It’s not too late to join and become successful on Instagram. With the right strategy, Instagram will help promote products and services, boost the brand, and increase sales. We hope the tips mentioned above enables you to build and expand your business on the internet.

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Miranda Smith, Writer at DataCaptive

Being in love with writing all her life, Miranda Smith started working as a Content Writer in 2014. Since her association with DataCaptive, she has authored numerous articles on digital marketing, database management, information technology, sales, and many more. Miranda spires to transform the quality of online content, one piece at a time.

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