By Dixie Somers

There are many things that can influence the way you do business. However, you may not think that color is something that could affect your business. There are actually different ways that we feel when we come in contact with different colors. Here are just a few of the different colors that can affect our employees and customers.


Blue is a color that you will want to use in your office to promote productivity. This color will promote productivity by calming nerves and relaxing those who are in your office. Blue can also be a great color to use when branding or packaging your products. This is due to the color blue instilling trust in a product.


Have you ever wondered why you usually see sales signs in red? This is because red is a color that draws the eye and causes people to feel a sense of urgency or excitement. This is also why you can see a lot of high-energy products packaged in red. In the fashion industry, you can see a lot of women’s clothing being red. This is due to the way it makes the body and mind react.


Power, strength, security, and dominance are associated with the color black. This is why there are so many black businesses suits that executives wear. Make sure that you don’t overdo it when it comes to black. This color can become very overwhelming if you don’t use it the right way. Many attorneys use black in their office to intimidate their opposing counsel.


When you need a sense of caution, orange is the way to go. This is why there are so many road signs and blockades that are colored orange. When you want your customers to be cautious about something, make sure that you use orange. In your branding, you can use orange to also promote a sense of excitement. Make sure that you don’t overdo it when it comes to orange in your office, on your products, or in your branding.


New beginnings, possibility and hope are all embodied in the color white. It brings a sense of calm and simplicity to the business and product it represents. White is also often symbolic of purity. In business, this could point to integrity, fairness, and other reassuring qualities. Where design is concerned, the blank slate allows a sleek, modern look to prevail. When thinking of your company, white could be a great choice for you and your products.

These are just a few of the many colors that can be used in your business. By using these colors, you can trigger a response in your customers. This will help you to build your business by just using the colors that are naturally available to you. If you’re unsure which direction to take, consult a design agency to help you incorporate these colors into your business in a way that expresses everything you want to tell your customers without saying a word.

Dixie Somers is an Arizona-based freelance writer. Follow her @DixieSomers.