There are endless reasons behind the impact of website traffic and ranking due to core algorithm of Google.

By Stephen Forde

There is no wonder that Google changes its algorithm every year and comes up with more changes and advancements with respect to specific topics. Some of the updates and advancements come off with minor changes, not affect your website ranking but the updates with major changes lead to drastic variation in the ranking. It becomes the thing of concern to those whose online business relying on the website ranking only. One of the majorly found algorithm updates is sudden rise and fall in “rich snippets” in the search results of Google. Let’s see how such updates and changes in the Google algorithm can impact your website in the days to come.

According to the Google’s recent announcement, it is clear that the number of websites is going to experience a great boost in their website ranking in 2019 because it mainly aims to benefit “previously under-rewarded” pages. And what latest algorithm update detected is more significant ranking fluctuation than the last year. A number of webmasters got hit by these updates, so many websites lost its website traffic and many got the ranking and traffic boost. The question of concern here is how this Google updates impact on website ranking? What are the specific reasons behind it? So, needn’t think more, in this blog post, you will clearly understand how the Google algorithm is related to website ranking. And whenever there is an update in Google why it always impacts ranking.

How Google Algorithm Update Impact Website Ranking?

There are endless reasons behind the impact of website traffic and ranking due to core algorithm of Google. Google launches each update for a specific reason and if your website backfires after the algorithm update, then you may lose ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). If Google finds a better web page than yours, then it will definitely affect your web page badly. But you needn’t lose your heart, you can rank your website by implement best SEO strategies.

Google mainly focused on the quality website that comprises of high-quality content, useful pages, and optimum location map. Because when it comes to good ranking and traffic, content is king, backlinking is queen, and user-friendly website is a core part. Well, apart of these 3 major sources, there are some ranking factors of Google Updates that can also help you get your website on the right track.

Top Google’s Ranking Factors to Implement in 2019:

  • A Secure & Accessible site
  • Well Optimized Content
  • Best User Experience
  • A Proper Domain Name, URL and Authority
  • Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Website Speed
  • Social & Local Signal
  • Length of Webpage Content
  • Schema Markup
  • Webpage Content Length
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Optimized Images

Beside these ranking factors, there are many more that can help you boost website ranking. There is no doubt if you know the problem you will definitely find out the solution. However, if you are not aware of the root cause of that problem then would you be able to resolve that problem? Of Course not! So, first of all, you need to know the Google algorithm updates that Google have been done or planning to do in 2019.

A Few of the Earlier Updates:

  • Panda in 2011
  • Secure Update in 2014
  • Mobilegeddon in 2015
  • Penguin 4.0 in 2016
  • Intrusive Interstitial Penalty in 2017
  • Broad Core Algorithm Update in March 2018
  • Broad Core Algorithm Update in April 2018
  • Broad Core Algorithm Update in August 2018
  • A Small Update in September 2018
  • Unconfirmed Halloween Update in October 2018

Recent Google Algorithm Updates:

  • Valentine’s Day Update in February 2019
  • Florida 2.0 Core Update in March 2019

So, as know, our this blog post is on the board core algorithm update. This algorithm update has undergone changes 3 times continuously in a single year. What reasons, specifications or causes occurred that Google needs to change this algorithm 3 times. Let’s have a quick discussion on what board core algorithm update exactly is?

Board Core Algorithm

This update states that Google is not intending to hit a particular niche or ranking signals, like the quality of content. Simply means, these updates do not target any niches or websites. So, after a gap of a few days, Google updates it with few changes. The biggest change in the algorithms is the way how Google interprets a search query. This change allows Google to match queries to web pages more appropriately, precisely, and, as a result, improve user experience.

If you don’t work according to the Google Updates, then it may charge you a penalty. How will you know have you hit with a penalty? In order to understand that is your website has been hit by Google penalty or not, follow these below-mentioned steps.

  • Keep yourself updated with the recent algorithm update
  • Analyze Google penalties to optimize against
  • Find out if your website is suffering from the ranking problem
  • Regularly Audit your website for SEO issues

Winding Up:

It’s all about the Google Updates. Each and every update Google do in its algorithm is for user-friendly websites and amazing user experience that in turn help boost website traffic and ranking. So, before thinking you are having SEO issue with your website make sure you are also analyzing the Google algorithm updates timely. Because this is the major reason behind the up ranking and downranking, Less traffic and more traffic.

Stephen Forde is the CEO of Media Fortress, a digital marketing & web hosting firm. He leads the Media Fortress to provide quality SEO Services in Australia. He helps clients grow their web visibility through all aspects of digital marketing.

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