The costs involved in creating a reliable, efficient network infrastructure are among the larger items of expense for businesses. However, the other side of this coin is that the failure to have an optimized network infrastructure in place could see the company lose out substantially in sales and productivity, so it is an investment that is worth getting right first time around.

This infographic maps out the steps that are involved in the building of a network infrastructure, beginning with an analysis of the most pressing requirements, through to developing the design in detail, installing the solution and carrying out a post-installation review to see if the solution was a success. It is a time-consuming and expensive process, but the market leaders in any industry will have put in the time and effort to getting it right and getting ahead of the competition.

If the process of building a network infrastructure seems daunting, there are some useful tips that can be followed to make the process easier. For instance, install anti-malware software and ensure that all data is backed up remotely. The infographic also contains a list of benefits that companies will reap for having an optimized network infrastructure, such as easier administration, improved efficiency and a quicker response rate to customers and clients.

Thanks to Exigent Networks for sharing this very useful and engaging infographic.