The most important trait/gift that nature gave us humans is the ability to adapt to change. It is because of this trait that we could come so far. Every invention we made was accomplished with only one intention in mind, and that was to simplify our efforts to achieve more.

The echoes of our progressive character can be felt in every aspect of our lives, including our work culture. We moved on from getting involved in hard physical labor to a much easier sedentary working style.

However, every development has its share of issues, and the same happened in terms of the now prevailing work culture.

A significant portion of the workforce across the globe are now spending a lot more time in front of their screens often stuck with the same monotonous work. And that same action has adversely affected the workplace productivity by promoting employee disengagement.

What is Employee Disengagement?

Employee disengagement arises when employees no longer feel attached to their work due to the lack of acknowledgement, professional development, better internal communication and job satisfaction.

To overcome these issues and promote better employee morale, corporations around the world are now adopting the concept of employee engagement.

The concept of employee engagement revolves around formulating strategies to boost employee morale, retention and overall company productivity.

Some of the proven drivers of employee engagement include employee rewards and recognition, employee perks, healthcare benefits and other professional development opportunities.

Here, the major challenge that employers need to overcome is how to implement these elements of employee engagement within their organisations efficiently. To this, the solution came out with the advent of cloud technology which allowed corporations to operate on a global scale.

Cloud-based platform and Employee Engagement

Cloud technology has truly revolutionized the way corporations used to execute their various operations, whether it be related to their sales and marketing, product development, or managing multiple human resource functions.

But one of the most crucial changes that it has bought is the way how employers used to engage their employees.

Every organisation is now in the rat race of success. The fast-paced work culture has also impacted the employees who are now expected to deliver more in less time.

And for this, employees, especially the millennials who form the majority of today’s workforce demand instant acknowledgement for their efforts.

Also, personalization has become the new standard where employees are now able to select their own desired rewards.

Both these demands of the present-day workforce are now quickly addressed through cloud-based employee engagement platform.

Here are the 9 ways cloud-based platform impact’s your employee engagement efforts

1. Scalability

Cloud-based platforms are very well known for their scalability. Similarly, such an employee engagement platform nulls out any worries about implementing engagement programs for a workforce of any size.

Whether it’s 50 employees or 50,000 employees working for an organisation running engagement programs in an efficient manner becomes very easy. Also, it gives you accurate insights about how impactful your engagement programs have been on your employees.

2. Accessibility

One of the most significant advantages of using a cloud-powered platform is accessibility. And it is for this reason that corporations worldwide are now shifting from conventional in-house systems to using various online applications. This has enabled organisations to hire talents beyond borders as well as allowed employees to continue with their work from wherever they liked.

However, traditional employee engagement practices barred employers from implementing a valid reward and recognition program for these remote workers.

But a cloud-based employee engagement platform lets your workforce access all the components of your workplace engagement program from anywhere and boost their overall work experience.

3. Real-Time or On-Spot Recognition

Acknowledging an employee’s efforts is the base of every employee engagement program. You may think that it’s easier to go up to the employee and pat on his or her back for their efforts. However, the catch here is what if you have a sizeable workforce?

It won’t be an easy task than to go up to each employee every time they do something good. But a cloud-based platform addresses this issue in the most efficient manner. With a global platform, you can recognise anyone from your workforce in real-time and irrespective of any geographical barrier.

By making an employee stand out in the social feed of his co-workers will not only cheer him/her but will also motivate many. And that’s a win-win situation!

4. Hassle-Free Upgradation

The biggest issue with any conventional employee engagement program is that you don’t have the flexibility to introduce new changes immediately to suit your employees’ needs. You again have to start from the scratch here to get things going which takes in a lot of effort as well as other resources.

However, a cloud-based system delivers you from this problem by allowing you to introduce new changes whenever you desire effectively. Also, you can make changes to the on-going programs to adapt to your varying requirements very easily.

5. Peer to Peer Recognition

You wouldn’t believe me, but Peer to peer recognition is more effective in cheering up an employee than a managerial form of recognition.

“41% of companies that incorporate peer-to-peer recognition have seen a positive increase in customer satisfaction.”


Peer to peer recognition simply means an employee acknowledging any of their colleagues for their efforts.

The thing which makes it more effective here is that it is the employees who purely witness how much effort their teammates’ are putting in. So, an employee getting acknowledged by their teammates will promote better workplace camaraderie and also kick off a healthy competition amongst everyone.

And a cloud-based employee engagement platform allows you to make it a part of your employee engagement campaign.

6. Effective Employee Surveys

Your employee engagement efforts are incomplete without conducting employee surveys.

Surveys are crucial for effectively executing your plans and ideas. Similarly, workplace surveys give you a proper understanding of what your employees feel about their organisation and their work. And based on their output, you can work on building an efficient employee engagement program that meets the aspirations of your workforce and give them the best workplace experience.

7. Personalization of Rewards

Who doesn’t like to personalize their stuff?

Be it a t-shirt, cap or a coffee mug. But moving on from it, there are now plenty of choices to pick from various in-store merchants and e-commerce sites.

A cloud-based platform with employee rewards adds flexibility to your employee rewards scheme, which is an integral part of any workplace engagement program. Using such a platform, your employees get the freedom to choose their desired rewards from an extensive catalogue of brands and online merchants.

8. Cost-Effective

Cloud-based platforms are very well known for their cost-effectiveness. The same applies in the case of modern-day employee engagement platforms.

Using a SaaS platform brings down the cost of your workplace engagement efforts. By automating your employee recognition, you save up on various resources, including your own time. Also, implementing such a platform is a long term investment for keeping your workforce happy and motivated.

9. Transparency

With this kind of engagement program, your employees could be sure about their position in the game and keep up-today with everyone’s achievements.

Thus, nurturing the employees’ confidence in their executives and gaining their trust. Further, it will inspire your employees to actively participate in the engagement campaign and keep themselves motivated for the best.

So, these were some of the notable advantages of having a cloud-based employee engagement platform. But before choosing one do make sure that your employees love it.

Also, if you would like to know more about such a platform then feel free to connect with.

Anjan Pathak is a Co-founder and CTO at Vantage Circle – an Employee Engagement Platform. Anjan is an HR technology enthusiast, very passionate about employee wellness and actively participates in the growth of the corporate culture. He is an avid reader and likes to be updated in the latest knowhows of Human Resource.

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