By Anurag Gupta

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

– Stephen R. Covey

Today, each employer knows that the journey of client satisfaction begins with the employee satisfaction, thus leaves no stone unturned in making their employees contented and happy. They do every possible thing to makes their employees satisfied with the working conditions, salary, incentives, appraisals, designation- growth, employee benefit schemes, working hours, recreational facilities and much more, but here I am going to discuss the key tip without which any amount of efforts of the above said may go in vain.  That supreme tip is communication, rather effective communication. And trust me the power of communication has all the might to make you or break you.

Whether you are giving feedback, sharing your company vision, setting goal structures, rolling out new rules and policies or coming up with new employee benefit schemes, effective communication plays an important role in each one of them. Let us read in detail how communication with your employees, through these five things, can turn the entire game in your favor or steal it away from you.


We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

This quote by Bill Gates carries equal importance for employees and employers, but as a leader, employer needs to be more proactive, systematic and receptive in encouraging sharing feedback and developing effective communication channels for the same. Feedback direct your team to identify do’s and don’ts which certainly helps in improvement of processes and results. While it’s important to motivate your team with positive feedback, it’s equally important to convey the negative feedback timely, before those things gets in habit of your employees or bring in loss to your company. Art of effective communication helps you to convey the feedback in right words and tone and guide the receiver for thing-to-do.

A company which doesn’t pay attention for effective communication of feedback, eventually losses the connect with the employees and track of growth. Well-timed feedback sharing improves the employee-retention and performance, which is the key for success.


Every entrepreneur has a dream, a vision, and the people working with you have most significant role in paving the path to your dream. Communication helps in sharing your vision clearly with the employees. Effective communication with the employees ensures that they are not just limited to individual responsibilities but are motivated to work in sync of your vision. Not just that, even if you have set some individual vision for each team, to bring your company’s vision to fruition, communicating these visions to your employees is important to keeping them working forward with full force.

If your organization’s vision is not clearly communicated to the employees, leaves the employees clueless.  It somehow unwittingly leads them astray from your imagined path. In addition to that, clear communication about company’s vision opens the door for some out-of-the-box ideas and a second set of eyes, which fosters the growth of employer as well as employees.

Goal Structure

Every organization has a goal structure, but only few of them are able to communicate it well with their employees. What if you have included the central, long-term goals along with a dozen of smaller and incremental goals, still in order to accomplish all these goals, communication to the employees is indispensable.

Employers who communicate their coal structure with their employees see better and quick goal accomplishments as compared to those that don’t. Additionally, if the employees know the goals they have to accomplish, it adds to their motivation and satisfaction once they have achieved the set goals.

Employee Benefit Scheme

A study revealed that a company that offered high employee benefits but failed to communicate the benefits to the employees properly saw only 22% employee satisfaction, while a company with less rich but effectively communicated benefits saw 76% of its employees contented with the benefits. This study substantiates that communication is important while launching any benefit scheme to let your employees know its worth and feel satisfied.

The benefits you offer to your employees would not offer the level of satisfaction you expected until they are effectively communicated to them. While offering employee benefit schemes, you must ensure that you have communicated all the benefits to them properly to convey your concerns to them in an effective manner. An effective communication would let your employees know the value of the benefits and acknowledge your efforts.

Changes In Rules And Policies

Office policies and rules change in the course of time to increase the productivity of the employees. While rolling out new policies and rules, employers should ensure that they are effectively communicated to their employees in order to ensure that everyone understands the reasons behind this new policy. Properly communicated policies would ensure that your employees do not feel unfairly treated because of the changes made in the existing rules and policies.

Just rolling out the rules without any explanation may make them agitated and go against the rule because of frustration. A properly communicated change in any policy would help the employees understand their importance for the overall growth of the company that would, in turn, trigger the employees’ growth as well.

Smart employers understand the significance of communication in achieving higher productivity and maintaining strong working relations with the employees. If you also want to improve the productivity and achieve the organization goals then it’s time you make some changes to the way you communicate with your employees and improve your relations. Don’t forget that communication with your employees has all the might to make or break you.

Anurag Gupta works for Placementindia.com, one of the leading placement portals of India. Anurag keeps a keen interest in ongoing placements trends in the country and has delivered many articles and blogs for both job seekers and employers. For more details, follow him on: @PlacementIndia.