Your office space is your little world outside your home where you spend most of your time in full concentration to do your tasks or produce more results. For you to focus more on your job, a lovely and inspiring working space is what you need. To create a motivating and productive office space, however, you need to consider several things.

Take a moment to read this guide and see how you can improve your space in the office to produce more each day:


Lighting is an important factor and worth investing for. If you want the working space appropriate for its purpose, give importance to the proper lighting system for the office. Appropriate and ergonomic lighting, whether for industrial or office setting, makes any tasks easier to do. It can help the eyes see clearly without causing eye fatigue and headache due to glare or shadows.

●      Natural Light

Natural light is ideal for any office space because it is not only safe and cost-effective, but it is also beneficial to the physical and mental performance of employees. Every employee prefers to enter a bright office space or work area. The bright light helps improve the employee’s working capacity, energy, and moods in the office. It also helps reduce eye strain and drowsiness while working in the area.

●      More Light

The office also benefits from an adequate lighting system. There should be sufficient quality and quantity in terms of lighting, with the right degree when it comes to intensity. Aside from natural light, the office can also have artificial lightings, such as fluorescent lighting and incandescent lighting. Having a premium lighting system in the office benefits both the employers and the employees in the long run. It helps increase productivity and reduces untoward incidences in the office due to poor lighting and dim corners.

Chair and Table

It is not about the brand or the materials but the ergonomic design of the furniture. Comfort is vital, especially if the employee sits on the chair for the whole office hours. The table should be at the proper height, while the chair should provide support to the body, back, and arms. The right office table and chair increase productivity and make work a lot easier. Besides, choosing creative and stylish colors brightens up space, thus motivates workers to work in a positive mood.

Color of the Room

The color of the room affects the functions of the brain, the mood and behavior of the workers, and the physical and psychological energy. It is important to choose the right color for the office because the color impacts productivity and boosts creativity. Blue, for example, promotes intellectual skills and is ideal for offices that require focus. Red is the color of physical strength and is great for workplaces that require physical exertion.

Noise Level

Unpleasant noise and too loud noise can affect workers and employees. It can even lead to long-term stress and physical illnesses. Sounds affect cognition and behavior, which is why it is important to keep the office at a balanced or appropriate noise level. When it is noisy, productivity is affected, conversations are disrupted, and multitasking is difficult to achieve.

Room Temperature

Room temperature affects employees’ productivity. If the temperature is low, employees tend to shiver and be out of focus. If the temperature is high, employees may feel exhausted. Some would even use a desk fan to improve air distribution.

However, there are factors to consider when setting the office temperature. Depending on the air conditioning system, size of the office, number of employees working, machines operated, type of lighting system used, and air distribution, the temperature may vary.

Room Scents

The scent of the room also affects performance and productivity in the office. According to studies, pleasant scents do not only leave healing effects and stress reliefs but also promote mental clarity and fight fatigue. Aside from keeping the mind and body calm, an office that has a nice and sweet scent also helps employees work with enhanced creativity.

Break Room

Having a break room in the office helps employees relax for a while. However, the room should be comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming. It should not be loaded with different kinds of stuff and clutters.

Carpets and rugs in stylish design can be placed on the floor or install a set of massage chairs in the room. Employees should also have a dining table and some chairs where they can eat lunch or snack during break time. Some offices, for example, have a recreation space in the break room so that employees have something to do to relieve stress and pressure in the office.

Bring in Nature

Bringing in nature to the office is an efficient way to enjoy the benefits it provides. It helps improve performance, increases productivity, promotes creativity, and enhances cognitive functions. Indoor plants, for example, improve the quality of the air inside the workplace, thus benefit the employees and workers with better health and a good mood.

Summing it up

Every office space is intended for productivity and top performances. With the right office environment, it can be easier and more fun for employees to work excellently each day. Investing in the ergonomic lighting system and functional furniture, as well as on room decoration, color, scent, and workplace design is vital for a good business. A little change or adjustment in the working environment is sure to yield a higher production rate and better, motivated employee performances.

Leila Amber is a Design Trend Setter at Knothome and a passionate writer, home decor, and design enthusiast. She has a keen interest in the content that inspires her to dig deeper into the practice and create helpful design and decor guides.

Office stock photo by Petinov Sergey Mihilovich/Shutterstock