By Karen Axelton

Are SOHO (small office/home office) entrepreneurs having better sex? That’s one finding of a survey by PlanetSoho, a provider of easy-to-use online management tools and services for SOHO businesses.

The State of America’s SOHOs study polled 1,300 SOHO owners who use the PlanetSoho tool. The majority said life improved after they took the chance and turned their passion into a business.

Nearly 2/3 of survey respondents consider their business a success in less than two years. Additional findings:

SOHO entrepreneurs enjoy a better lifestyle.

  • 46% say the main reason they have a SOHO is to do what they love
  • 46% report having more time to spend with friends and family since starting a SOHO
  • 37% are sleeping better
  • 14% report having more sex

Why people love being a SOHO:

  • 61% love creating their own schedule
  • 56% enjoy being their own boss
  • 41% like not commuting to work

The survey coincided with the launch of a new suite of products and services, SOHO VIP, that combines all the tools and consultation needed to operate a business, as well as discounts with major partners such as FedEx Office, TurboTax, Office Depot, Google AdWords and others.