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Social platforms have transformed into the ‘business-happening’ place. The leading social platforms have millions of users of various professions and businesses who surf through it every day. Hence, social platforms can be leveraged as an effective tool for lead generation. A recent survey noted that major B2B companies generate 70% of leads through social platforms. Through this, it is evident that B2B companies have a large share of their business through social platforms.

Showcase the Content That Builds Credibility

The content you roll-out acts as the ‘driving force’ that drives leads towards you. Especially in social platforms, the way your content communicates with the people will serve as the deciding factor in converting a lead. Understanding the difference between B2B and B2C will aid you mostly in framing effective content. B2C is a customer-centric business. So, the content is usually focused on connecting with people emotionally. The advertisements will entice people and evoke emotions in them. But, B2B does not function in the same way. To make a buyer approach you, he must feel that you can benefit his business and increase his profit. Hence, you should have an analytical approach while framing your content for social platforms. Stay abreast of the latest innovations in your field. Create a detailed blog post on it with its pros and cons and how the new technology can transform your field. Post the blog on your social media page.

Hence, the prospect will read your blog and feel that you have thorough knowledge about your field’s recent trends. In B2B, a prospect will make the next move towards you, only if he finds you credible. So, to make that happen, share the success story of your past customers on your social media page. Display the profit the customer had fetched after collaborating with you and how your service helped him in the long run. Share the official details of the customer. Adding such information will enhance the credibility of the story you have shared and drives the prospect to take action. Make sure your content reflects that your service is cost-effective and helps in achieving maximum ROI. Because you know business is all about making profits.

Manage Data Effectively With AI  

In most leading firms, the social media marketing team has nearly two or three analysts who collect data about prospects from various sources and analyze them to frame relevant strategy. But, today, social platforms are the place where millions of people co-exist. Hence, these analysts are unable to process the massive chunk of data and fabricate an effective strategy. Therefore, they end up framing content without having a complete understanding of their target audience. Hence, AI can be employed to fill this gap. AI can be employed in the place of analysts. It collects various data about prospects such as their social behavior, purchasing pattern, the most visited social media pages, and other social media activity. A laudable characteristic of AI is that it analyzes prospects based on various data collected by it and gives you valuable insights. Hence, with those insights, you can frame effective content and maximize conversion rates.

Convince The Prospect With Videos

Today, all the leading social platforms are engulfed with videos. Facebook and Instagram have become more video-centric with a separate space dedicated to videos. Moreover, videos avail huge benefits to B2B marketers. Because visuals help to break down complex concepts and pave the way to understanding easily. Make sure the videos are rich in information that is relevant to your target audience. It is assumed that 91 % of online content will be in the form of videos by 2022. So, you must adapt to the ongoing trend of marketing through videos. 

Go Live

A recent survey found that live videos have a 3x higher engagement rate than standard videos. It is no surprise because both Facebook and Instagram provide immense importance to live videos. For instance, if you go live on Facebook, everyone who has liked your page will receive a notification about it.

The live videos will appear in the stories section right next to your profile picture icon on Instagram. Hence, live videos are made visible to people at ease. If you have released a new product, you can go live and explain its salient features. By doing this way, everyone, including your existing clients and the prospects who have liked your page, will know about it.

Final Thoughts

Facebook has recently stated that 74% of leading and mid-level companies have an active presence on its platform. Social platforms will always stand tall as the lead generation medium for B2B. The tactics given above to leverage the social platforms will help you achieve your sales goals and take your business to new heights.

Sarah Smith is a professional content creator and writes in-depth articles about Social Media and tech reviews. Her particular areas of interest are marketing, technology, and anything related to social media.She has published several articles on leading websites and is an avid blogger and Social Media Blogger.

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