Promoting your brand to your customers does not only mean investing in ads, creating social media pages, or merely posting a content. It goes deeper than that. To improve your marketing strategies, you can do an in-depth method to know your audience better like test marketing and customer interaction.

As competition gets fierce each day, it is vital to come up with improved marketing strategies that will help you stand out. To do this, you need to understand first how test marketing and customer interaction work. And how it can help you come up with effective marketing tactics that will help grow your brand.

What is Test Marketing?

Test marketing is the process where you launch a product or campaign in a small number of your target market. The procedure is done to gauge the viability and effectivity of a product or campaign before a roll-out to more extensive scale.

Doing test marketing aims to gain insight into how the product or the campaign would fare in the target market. It also allows you to check on the level of acceptance and gather as much as valuable information about the product, how promotional message is accepted and if the set price is acceptable to your niche market.

Some types of test marketing include:

  • A/B Testing – Two identical items are created and tested on two separate audience niches
  • Sample Testing – Sample is provided to various customers for instant feedback
  • Sales – Wave Research – Products are offered several times to check the willingness of customers to use the product
  • Controlled Test Marketing – The product or campaign is launched in certain stores with different locations to check how it would fare in the market
  • Use of Test Markets – A full product or campaign launch done in a small target market as a business experiment
  • Alpha Testing – Test is done within the firm by test engineers or employees
  • Beta Testing – Selected customers are asked to try the product and provide feedback

Advantages of Test Marketing

Doing test marketing can provide several advantages. Initially, the data you can get on how your product or campaign would perform in a particular market. These customers come from your actual target market and help in determining how this specific market would react to your product.

As you test the waters for the newest product or latest campaign, it will help you reduce the risks of a failed full-scale launch. Should there be any unfavorable feedback, you can tweak or make a necessary adjustment before fully launching your campaign or product.

Having a sneak preview or an initial launch can also help create a buzz and make the main launch a success.

What is Customer Interaction?

As you communicate with your customers as a brand, you start to build a connection with them and build rapport. To define customer interaction, it is the communication happening between a company and a customer.

Interacting with your customers help your brand increase retention with your target audience and help with your marketing advocacies. As the number of possible communication channels to your customers continues to increase, the opportunity to connect with your customers is enormous.

When a customer tries to contact a company and exchange communication, they are possibly looking to check if the company is dependable and can provide excellent service. Customers also want to know if they made the right decision in doing business with a particular company. Other customers may look for empathy, ensure their needs are met or can address any other concerns immediately.

Benefits of Good Customer Interaction

As you interact with your customers, it helps improve your business by providing positive experiences. It can prevent bleak word-of-mouth from your customers. Customer interaction also helps boost loyalty which is essential in your business bottom line.

How Test Marketing And Customer Interaction Improve Marketing Strategies

To have effective marketing strategies, you need to bank on every possible detail that can help you come up with the right tactics. Here is a list of how test marketing and customer interaction can help improve your marketing strategies.

1. Let You Know Who Your Customers Are

Customer interaction allows you to talk to your customers. You can build connection, establish rapport and understand their preferences. As you do this, you get to know your customers better and recognize their personality. It provides you with an invaluable way to have in-depth learning on what your customers want and need. Based on your knowledge, you can come up with different marketing strategies that may reflect your audience’s preferences.

After coming up with a possible marketing campaign, do a particular test marketing, so you will know how it will fare in your chosen market. You can then make a side by side comparison with your initial analysis based on your interaction with your customer to the data gathered after doing a test marketing.

2. Expect A Better Campaign Result

Since you can conduct test marketing and exchanged interaction with your customers, you will have a deep insight into their preferences. This method will help you to achieve a better result with your marketing strategies. Launching any campaign or product without doing any test or without any idea who your audience is, can provide you with less favorable numbers.

3. Fare Better In Competition

As you have a clear idea who your customers are, and you possibly know how they will respond to your marketing strategies, it will give you a competitive edge against your competitors.

Offering products or releasing a campaign to your targeted demographics and interacted customers gives you a chance to expose them to an immersed audience. Since, customer interaction can lead to familiarization of your brand, once you release a product or start a campaign, they will choose you over your competitors.

4. Aligns Your Company Values With Your Customer Interest

While customer interaction allows you to get to know your customers’ preferences, doing test marketing gives you the chance to see if your company values as reflected in your marketing strategies align with your customers’ interest.

5. Win Your Old Customers Back

Losing customers over a bad experience with your company or due to unfavorable feedback is hard and sometimes unavoidable. Nonetheless, as you get to know their preferences and interest, you can come with effective marketing strategies that may win them back.

While this is not easy and can be extremely difficult, your customer can change their mind and do business with you again.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to know the potency of your marketing strategy. In this way, you will know the right element that will help find a marketing strategy that works for you and win you an advantage against your competitors.

Test marketing and customer interaction are two of the possible ways you can do to not just learn about your audience and prospects, but also a chance to improve the effectivity of your marketing strategies.

Maricar Morga worked as a marketing professional for almost a decade. She became part of the biggest real estate company/mall operator in the Philippines and handled concerts, events and community service-related activities. Leaving her corporate job for good to pursue her dreams, she has now ventured in the path of content writing and currently writes for Softvire Australia – the leading software e-Commerce company in Australia and Softvire New Zealand. A Harry Potter fan, she loves to watch animated series and movies during her spare time.

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