By Kedy Semark

SEO is all about getting your website up in search engines. Tracking keyword ranking is as old as SEO industry itself, you have various options to track ranking as of now. But do you have any idea you have so many hidden keywords which are getting traffic to your website and you are not even aware of it?

For all that you do in SEO like keyword research, Content creation, link building and much more you need software to track, maintain and streamline your work. You can get many software to track details about hidden keywords. This post is all about how to find hidden or low-hanging fruit keywords.

With the below screenshot we will guide you how to find hidden keywords and generate the perfect report –

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is designed to streamline your work and monitor the overall health of your website, you can find every single detail about your websites like keywords, traffic and much more.

Step 1- Sign in to Google webmaster tool-

Go to Google Search Console then use the links in the left sidebar, click the Performance then to Search Queries at the top to show only organic traffic data.

Google Search Console > Performance > Queries

  • Here, you can see which Keywords are getting the most traffic to your website. For example, you may see the keywords which are sending the most traffic to your website. You will notice some of them are your targeted keywords and you will find some which you are not in your target keyword list, but still bringing traffic to your site those particular keywords are Hidden Keywords or Low Hanging Fruits.
  • Just download the queries as an CSV or Google Sheet and note down keywords which are ranking on 11-20 position.

Alexa Tool

Alexa is a good web software which helps you ease of tracking hidden keywords which you can add to your target keyword list or can suggest to your clients.

Step 1 – Login to Siteinfo tool at, go to my dashboard then you will get option my site Comparisons > New comparison, as you see in the picture below:

Enter website URL, then the first option on left toolbar is site overview click on it and you will get details about your website.

Go to section, Where do your visitors come from?

You will get a screen like this:

As you see in the picture which search keywords send traffic to this site?

This is is one of the best technique to find hidden keywords in Alexa it will give you up to 5 keywords for a basic or free account, if you want to find more keywords, you can upgrade, as you see an option upgrade to view below the keyword list.

RankWatch Tool

I am sharing my secret tool here. Definitely, with the help of this tool, you can get your website ranking, competitor’s data, ranking keywords overview, your website backlinks and most importantly RankWatch is a unique tool for finding hidden keywords opportunities. Take a look on how to find hidden keywords with this amazing tool.

How to find hidden keywords in RankWatch tool

Create an account or Login to RankWatch, then click to the dashboard on the top of the right corner. Add your website or blog as a project in the tool, and then add your targeted keywords and follow the instructions for getting more data. Once, you’re done with the initial setup, you will see the 5th option for Low hanging Fruits just shown in the screenshot below.

You can click on this tab to get a list of keywords sending traffic to your website which you are not aware of.

“Hidden keywords are which is getting traffic to your website, but you are not aware of these keywords.” If you give a suggestion to your client to target these hidden keywords it can double your organic traffic and improve search engine rankings.

There are many other tools which are available on the website. But I mostly use these 3 tools to find the low hanging fruits for my blog or projects. Recently, I used these techniques on MR10 and grown organic traffic from Zero to 1500 per day within a month.

Above given tools are free to use for checking your website traffic statistics, competitors data, backlinks, and finding hidden keywords opportunity as well. You can find or use any other software, but these are trustworthy and easy to use. You should definitely give all these software a try in order to improve your organic traffic.

What are your favorite tools or ways to find low hanging fruits and how do you increase your organic traffic fast? Share your thoughts in comments.

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