In the past few months, companies have had to switch from in-person closing to remote selling. Let me guess: you’re also looking for a remote sales team that can crush your targets every month without direct supervision. However, you are facing some challenges, such as how to find commission-only sales reps, how to hire the best remote marketing team, or how to spot the ideal talent for your business.

These are the typical challenges remote managers and recruiters face at the point of building an efficient sales team. Nevertheless, this guide is what you need to resolve the difficulties and hire the best work-from-home sellers for your business.

Qualities of an Efficient Sales Team

Some of the necessary attributes to look out for before hiring a remote sales team are as follows:

  • A never-give-up attitude
  • Experience with closing deals
  • Ability to set targets and reach them consistently
  • Ability to work without supervision
  • Creativity in persuading prospects

Sales reps who lack the above qualities will slow down your business’ growth, waste time when they are not supervised, and quickly give up when prospects do not respond to their tactics. This can take a negative toll on your business. According to Fundera, 20% of businesses fail in their first year of operation, and about 70% fail in their 10th year. It is often a result of the level of commitment of employees in the organization. Hiring proactive and motivated sales reps can help avert such misfortune.

Tips for Hiring an Effective Remote Sales Team

The following tips will help you build a remote team that’s always productive irrespective of the challenges and setbacks most salespeople experience.

1. Set Clear Expectations

Setting precise demands about what your company wants helps to give your recruiting team a sense of direction concerning the kind of sales reps you want to hire. It’s typical to get several hundred or even thousands of applications when you declare an open position in your company. That said, your hiring team will be able to quickly identify applicants that won’t be a good fit for your business based on your operational goals. Moreover, you’ll have only a handful of applicants left after sorting, and it will be much easier to pick out the highly qualified sales reps for your business.

2. Review LinkedIn Profiles

Reviewing LinkedIn profiles or resumes is a great way to know who to recruit into your sales team. From the information provided in their accounts, you can look out for years of experience, key accomplishments, and the companies they have worked for in the past. For salespeople who are affiliated with high-performing companies, there should be other means of assessing their performances, mainly because working with a famous brand is already an advantage to break a leg in sales.

Another thing to look out for in their LinkedIn profiles or reviews is recommendations from clients and colleagues they have worked with. This could help you determine their attitude to work and how productive they are as salespeople.

3. Use Online Platforms

These days, it has become easy to build your business network online—even more so find the remote sales representatives. There are plenty of online platforms where you can find experienced sales specialists. One example is CommissionCrowd which offers businesses the opportunity to hire, manage, and train commission-only sales reps. You can also go through Upwork if you want to automate all invoicing. You don’t have to pay a fee to search for talents on this site, but there are charges once you start working with a freelancer.

4. Organize a Sales Assessment Test

To save yourself some time, stress, and resources, you should reduce the number of interviewees to only those who have the skills your business requires. Organizing a sales assessment test that proves optimism, competitiveness, and a never-give-up attitude helps a lot. Many companies manage remote teams with a time tracking app; it will help if you can also use such software to monitor clicking activities, websites visited, and apps used by your candidates while they are doing the test. That way, you’ll have an honest appraisal of the abilities of each job applicant. It will become easier to identify the right sales rep for your team quickly.

5. Conduct an Online Behavioral Interview

One of the most significant indicators of how your prospective sales rep will handle your business is their past behavior. For anyone who passes the assessment, schedule an online meeting where you can learn about their goal-setting character, perseverance, and creativity in solving problems. Also, find out why they are leaving their previous job for yours; the answers you’ll get will help you know whether you’re about to employ a game-changer in your business or just another employee that’s all about making ends meet for them.

You’re Good to Go!

If you find one or more candidates that meet your requirements, go all out for them. Don’t bother about what else needs to be in place; you’ll discover all that as you work together. The tips in this article are proven methods for hiring a capable remote sales team for your business.

Finidi Lawson is a tech enthusiast and a Windows 10 expert. His passion in finding practical solutions for real-life tech problems has led him to a career as a content writer for As a freelancer himself, Finidi uses his tech expertise in helping remote workers discover the right tools that can make complicated tasks easier.

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