By Anna Hayes

For any business hoping to make a profit, cultivating a positive public perception of the company is crucial. Not only does the business need to appeal to prospective and returning customers but also to potential employees.

But how do you get the perfect public image? A company’s public image is influenced by a variety of factors—some which are obvious and some which are not so obvious. One important consideration that often gets overlooked when it comes to public image is your company culture. When it comes to financial performance, companies with a positive culture deliver up to 19% increase in revenues and 28% increase in earnings growth.

But what impact does company culture have on your public image and what can you do to make it as positive as possible?

A positive company culture has staff members with a positive attitude

No matter the industry which you work in, there are going to be ups and downs through the lifetime of your company. It’s important therefore to hire staff members who are positive about your company vision and mission, to pull the team together especially during the difficult times. If they generally have a positive attitude and are on board with your mission and vision, then they are likely to make their best effort to get through the tricky times, not only working hard themselves to reach the end goal, but also encouraging other staff members to get there too.

When people feel positive, they are also high energy and they are motivated too. They are determined to bring their best and are more flexible with responding to business problems.

Company culture affects the customers experience

The most important people to impress in your business are definitely your customers and your clients. You want your customers to have the very best experience possible and who is responsible for delivering this? Your staff members.

If you have a positive company culture, one that recognises the importance of staff members as intrinsic parts of the organization, not just a means to an end, then you are going to be well on your way to being able to provide those customers with the best experience possible. If they have a good experience, then they are going to be happy to return, as well as becoming evangelists for your company. On the other hand, if your staff members are feeling undervalued, this might transfer into how they interact with customers. Internal communication plays a fundamental role in keeping your employees engaged.

Happy customers = happy bosses = happy employees

Positivity breeds positivity. When you develop a good company culture in your business and you keep your customers and employees happy, you are going to create a real sense of family within your workplace. It might sound a little clichéd, but a business that feels like a family is one that works well internally and interacts in a positive ways externally with its partners, suppliers, and the general public.

Not only will your staff members want to pull together to achieve a shared goal, which is great for your business, but they also will want to present the best image of your business too. No-one wants anyone to think badly of their family, so, if you have an emotional connection to where you work, then you are always going to be presenting yourself in the best way possible and project a positive image.

Think of your staff members as brand ambassadors, think of them as people who are always going to be promoting your brand—and give them a reason to by treating them well.

Make sure your employees understand your company values

How can you ever create the perfect culture in your business, if your staff members do not know what type of culture you expect? It is important that you spell out your company values, to make sure that everyone knows how they should be approaching their everyday working as well as their interactions with clients and customers.

Your company values should be posted on your website but also reiterated verbally to your staff members so they can understand the company culture that you are putting forward, then they can make sure that they work towards it. Create more excitement around your values by recognizing employees who embodied each value the best.

Make an effort to work on your company culture and in no time at all, you will have a business with a great public image. The financial benefits will follow.

With a past career in HR and passion for writing, Anna Hayes has a keen interest in all things employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. Outside of work, she enjoys attending networking events, traveling, writing poetry and reading. She currently works as part of the editorial team at the Blink Blog.

Company culture stock photo by REDPIXEL.PL/Shutterstock