By Alyssa Johnson

Excellent writing skills are no longer a privilege but a necessity for a qualified marketing specialist. Traditional TV commercials or other print media does not have the effect on consumers to the extent they once did. Digital marketing, including Instagram and other social media, has taken over its place. Today much of the information is transmitted digitally and every word of content matter. Writing styles on social media and print media also differ from each other as well as the target audience. The needs of customers on social media are different from the ones of the clients who are used to print or TV advertising.

Thus, good writing currently defines how to be a good marketing specialist. A good post will contain both the description of the product and some useful information about its application and utilization tricks. Marketing slowly turns into a new marketplace for intense competition, where those who have the talent to put words together in a compelling manner always win. In the end, who but not marketers are responsible for interesting, neat and catchy content?

Here are 10 reasons why writing is important and why marketers should either develop their writing skills or say goodbye to their professional success.

Marketers Should Always Have What to Say

Every person can write, but there are only a few people who can do it excellently. They should become content writers or marketers. Effective copyrighting is a useful skill for people who try to sell services and goods. Marketers should be able to catch the customers’ attention and make them believe that this product is exactly what they need even if they did not know about it before. Moreover, a good marketer should know what to highlight in the product if there are only a few seconds to market it.

Marketers Should Know How to Say

Marketers should keep abreast of the recent trends in the industry as well as in the language and the target audience. They should understand what words are acceptable in marketing certain goods and services.

Writing Should Be Concise but Precise

Marketers should be able to write in short paragraphs with short sentences highlighting only a few main points. Bulleted points are usually more appealing to readers as they are easier to read.

Marketers Should Communicate

Content writing is not simply text writing. Marketers should master the art of conversation with their customers through words and engaging content. Moreover, it is often required to develop writing strategies to lead this communication to a certain goal.

Marketers Should be Able to Tell What Is Important

Marketers should remember whom they are writing for. Customers or potential customers read this content only to get useful information about the product known only to a marketing professional. Thus, the main message should be what makes this product stand out.

Marketers Should Know How to Make Clients Act

Marketing writing should be appealing and efficient. The marketer’s job is to make customers buy the product; and to achieve this, he or she needs to create a sense of urgency. It will direct the customers to the next step that will lead to the order.

Marketers Should Be Translators

It does not mean that they have to know several languages, which is, of course, an extra benefit. It means that in their writing, marketers should be able to translate the technical aspects of different products into the language of their customers’ needs.

Quality Always Matters

In the modern content marketing race, quality should always prevail over quantity. Marketing specialists should be aware of the requirements set forth by search engines to be successful with their writing. Thus, SEO and keywords are necessary attributes of the quality content.

Attention: Competitors

Marketing writing should define the advantage this particular brand or product has over its competitors. Marketers should be able to express it in a subtle manner in order not to cross the line where this content turns into aggressive and unethical.

Marketers Should Bring Up Their Standards

Good marketers need to be good writers. However, most importantly, they need to continue their learning and professional development in content writing. Every day new techniques and tricks appear, and failure to know them deprives their prospective content from creativity and appeal.

Alyssa Johnson has been working as a writer with samedayessay for over a year now and managed to practice her writing skills in various types of papers. She finds content writing and blog writing to be the most difficult types, as their standards are constantly changing. Alyssa insists on the importance of writing skills for every marketer, emphasizing not only grammar but also style and customer engagement.

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