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Developing an app for smartphones is a great way to maximize your online reach while providing a tool to your intended audience.

By Mary Avery

If you are thinking of developing and launching a messaging app, there are a few tips on how to create a messaging app. Understanding the opportunities available with launching a messaging app along with potential risks you are likely to encounter is essential before funding and moving forward with the messaging app you have in mind.

Reach a wide audience

According to, mobile messaging apps are likely to reach an estimated 3.6 billion users by the end of 2018. With more than half of the world’s population utilizing messaging apps, reach one of the widest audiences available in any market. If you have plans to take your app nationwide or global, developing a messaging application is one of the best ways to do so while maximizing your reach and potential opportunities.

Create a unicorn company with your messaging app

Unicorn startups are startups that have an estimated value of at least $1 billion. While most startups are not valued over one billion dollars, it is possible to quickly rise in popularity with a messaging app that is a hit. Develop your messaging app on both iOS and Android systems to maximize your reach and appeal to potential users. Consider which features your messaging app provides, to stand out from the competition.

Internal communication solutions

One way to promote your messaging app is to provide internal communication solutions for other startups and established corporations. Messaging applications such a Slack have risen in popularity with the sole purpose of communicating with colleagues, clients, and employers instantaneously. Providing professionals with a new internal communication solution is a great way to help boost your messaging app’s popularity while standing out from traditional app solutions available on the marketplace.

Marketing opportunities

Marketing an online app has become easier than ever with both third-party ad services along with social media marketing. Launching marketing campaigns via Facebook is one of the easiest ways to get started with your social media marketing strategy. Use A/B testing to learn more about your target audience while honing in on the messaging and copy that is most relevant to your prospective users. Learn which imagery and types of promotions work best for your users to develop more intricate and successful ads that increase your overall ROI.

Important risks to keep in mind

While developing and launching a messaging application has the ability to reach millions of users, it is important to keep potential risks in mind as the market continues to evolve. No market is stable when it comes to apps, especially as smartphones evolve and trends continuously change each year.

Extreme competition

One of the biggest downfalls and risks of developing a messaging app is the extreme competition in the current industry. With thousands of messaging apps available for free, it is becoming increasingly difficult to create unique and necessary solutions. Before you begin developing your messaging app it is essential to research your competition while reading reviews and testing the most popular or relevant apps that are similar to your own idea.

Security is essential

Security risks are extremely important to keep in mind whenever you have a new app idea you are planning to develop and launch. When you are thinking of launching a messaging application, hire a professional security IT team that is available 24/7 and has the ability to scale alongside the growth of your business.

Privacy concerns

Another important element of launching a successful messaging app is privacy for user data and information sent and received while using the application. Privacy breaches are notorious within apps and can occur when hackers and thieves gain access to sensitive sectors of your app’s development. Gaining the trust of users is a monumental factor to success with all online apps currently in play. Working together with a top-notch security team to prevent hacks and breaches is imperative to avoid potential lawsuits or the downfall of your developing company.

Limited potential

In some cases, messaging applications have limited potential if they are not unique enough or useful for your intended audience. When you launch a messaging app, consider the need in your market and determine how you can help your app stand out from the crowd. Without unique features, UI/UX, or relevancy it becomes challenging to market and attracts new users.

Unexpected growth and scaling

If you launch a messaging app that is successful and rapidly becoming a trend, it is important to maintain your system and its abilities at all times. Massive growth and scaling often occur unexpectedly, which is why proper servers and an adequate staff is necessary to prevent lag, downtime, or the inability to access your messaging application at all. When preparing the outline for the development of your messaging app, keep unexpected growth in mind with a solid solution should your application become popular overnight or when you least expect it.

Mary Avery worked as a journalist for several years, but now she is a freelance writer and blogger. Lover of tech innovations, app development and PS4. She’s addicted to spontaneous travel and unexpected plans.

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