If you are thinking of wedding favors that are affordable and will also be greatly appreciated by your guests, then consider alcohol wedding favors. Mini alcohol bottles are a great way to share your love in a small-sized gift. Whether you choose to get mini sparkling wine favors or small champagne bottles, there is no doubt that this would be a thoughtful gift that wouldn’t break the bank.

Your guests would love these mini bottles of wine that are great for just popping in a bag for a short trip, picnic or even a small get together. What’s more, you can specially customize these bottles in line with your wedding theme, or just DIY decorate them to have them looking even cuter. Below are a few of our favorite wine and mini champagne bottles for your guests to take home something fun, fancy and cute.


1. Ruza, Rosé, 2017 Cans

While the Ruza Rosé is not canned and not bottled, it is still a great option for cute alcohol wedding favors. This little can of loveliness is fruity and crisp with hints of lime zest, raspberry, and watermelon. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss this divine sparkling rosé wine for its alternative packaging.

You can easily buy a pack at www.winc.com

2. La Marca Mini Prosecco

A 187-milliliter mini bottle of goodness, the La Marca Prosecco is a great choice of sparkling wine for any celebration. This super cute bottle contains hints of ripe citrus and just the right amount of bubbly. Definitely worth a shot as long as we’re on the topic of mini sparkling wine bottles.

Can be purchased at www.grandwinecellar.com

3. Francis Ford Coppola Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs

Yet another canned option for alcohol wedding favors, do not allow its packaging fool you. The 187-milliliter mini Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs is a must-try for any party and will be loved by your guests. Its deliciousness is conveyed through a zesty melon cocktail and will be ideal for any celebration.

Can be purchased at www.wine.com

4. Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero Mini Bottle

A refreshing bottle of Riondo Prosecco Spago Nero will be appreciated by anyone, even in its miniature size. A juicy and yet dry and crisp effervescent drink, this prosecco is just the right mini wine bottle to have in your bag for when you need a swig.

Can be purchased at www.grandwinecellar.com

5. Chandon Sweet Star Mini Sparkling Wines

This mildly sweet blend of pinot noir and Chardonnay is another option to consider when thinking mini wine bottles. The perfect size for any festivity, these sparkling wine minis from California are crisp and delicious. They are the perfect little favors for a wedding or even a bachelorette party.

Can be purchased at www.chandon.com


1. Moët & Chandon Imperial Mini Bottle

With its festive look of black and gold, the Moët &Chandon Imperial mini bottle will add color and fun to any wedding party favor pack. Just add a little bow as decoration and you have a stunning little champagne delight.

Can be found at www.premierchampagne.com

2. Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé Half-Bottle

For a choice of mini champagne bottles wedding favors, consider the 375 milliliters, pink-hued Billecart-Salmon Rosé Champagne. Though a bit pricey, your guests will love the crisp berry deliciousness of this perfect bubbly.

Can be purchased at www.wine.com

3. Pommery Pink POP Rose, Champagne Mini

If you’re looking for a truly cute champagne mini for your wedding reception or bachelorette party, consider the hot pink Pommery Pink POP Rose, Champagne Mini. This fruity and bright French bubbly is a thoughtful souvenir that will please any wedding party.

Can be found at www.sherry-lehmann.com

4. Ruinart Brut Rosé Mini Champagne

Another 375-milliliter option, the Ruinart Brut Rosé Champagne half bottle is a red berry, crisp bubbly from France that has a delightful pink hue. A great choice for mini champagne favors, it can be purchased at www.wine.com.

5. Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Champagne

Try Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Champagne mini bottles with their fun and festive look and sleek case. If you’re already familiar with the full sized Pinot Grigio or Merlot bottles, then you will be glad that it also comes in minis. Even though these are not Merlot mini blue wine bottles, they are just as good and delightfully so.

You can purchase it at winedeals.com

Alcohol wedding favors are a great way to show some appreciation to your guests while cutting on space and cost at the same time. The same quality of your beloved bubbly brands, just in smaller and cuter packaging, are a great idea for any celebration, from a weekend getaway to a wedding reception. So, whether you are looking to cut costs or just need a really good idea for wedding favors, consider these small bottles of wine and champagne for some fun and stress-free sipping.