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Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask Before Making a Commercial Insurance Purchase

By Atul Kulkarni Small businesses are an enormous part of the American economy. The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that ...
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 Here’s How You Can Avoid Making Bad Business Financial Decisions

By Norah Abraham Any business is prone to a lot of risks, mainly due to improper financial decisions. Such a decision ...
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6 Small Business Financing Options for Startup Entrepreneurs

By Andrea Laura You have a brilliant idea which you want to launch in the market. But you face the ...
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Small Businesses Struggle with Year-End Payment Problems, Survey Shows

By Rieva Lesonsky The end of the year is a good time for small and midsize business owners, who benefit ...
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3 Reasons to Buy a Business Instead of Starting a New One

By Bruce Hakutizwi The American entrepreneurial spirit is an overall positive force. Thanks to “can-do” ideology and brash persistence, tycoons have ...
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4 Facts Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About SBA Loans

By Matthew Hurley Have you been taking the time to learn more about SBA loans? Are you under the impression that ...
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Show Me the Money: How to Raise Capital as a Women- or Minority-Owned Business

By Craig R. Everett Owning a small business is a dream for many Americans. You get to be your own boss, ...
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The Great Debate: Fixed Retainer or Hourly Billing

By Bart Mroz The fixed retainer vs. hourly rate debate continues. Service providers like agencies and consultants generally offer one of ...
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How Cash Flow Automation and Insights Help Small Businesses Survive—and Thrive

By Christal Bemont While watching my mother run her own small business, I saw firsthand how important it is to ...
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15 Steps for Setting Up Payroll For Your Small Business in the UK

Setting up a small business means tackling numerous challenges, but one of the most crucial is building your payroll department… ...
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What Businesses Need to Know in the Wake of the Equifax Breach

By Jason Tan Online businesses everywhere are going to be dealing with the effects of the recent Equifax breach. It’s ...
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Shark Tank Ready? Top Tips to Help You Pitch Your Product to Investors

By Hannah Whittenly Shows such as Shark Tank have brought the concept of pitching a product or service to investors ...
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