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How to Choose a Small Business Lender

By Sean O’Malley Over the last decade more lending options for small business owners have emerged. But with more options ...
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Steps to Help Small Businesses Financially Recover from Disasters

By Steven Cohen Disasters can include natural occurrences like hurricanes and ice storms; cybersecurity breaches; onsite events such as plumbing ...
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cash flow

8 Ways to Keep a Positive Cash Flow Running for Your Startup

By Lovisa Alvin It is not unusual for a startup to experience some cash flow issues initially. While this problem sometimes ...
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How to Manage Investor Relationships With Family and Friends

By Frank Williamson We’ve all heard the advice many times before: Don’t do business with friends and family. The reasons ...
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In Need of Funding? How Your Business Plan Can Have a Positive Impact on Investors

By Harper Harmon So you have a big idea for your business that you want to see make millions in ...
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5 Best Options for a Startup Business Loan

By Meredith Wood So you’ve decided to turn your long-held idea for a startup into a real-life business. Congratulations! Not ...
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Home Business Protections You Need

By Jenn Montgomery Owning your own business is the dream. There are a large variety of options when it comes ...
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keyman insurance

Mind the Insurance Gap

Is your business unprotected? “Of course not,” you probably say. But how sure are you? Almost 40% of small companies ...
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Is Your Business Wasting Energy? 5 Ways to Become More Energy Efficient

By Trevor McDonald Do you ever feel like money is flying out the window? It's a common feeling among small business ...
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Tips to Know Before Getting Your First Business Loan

By Eileen O’Shanassy Owning a small business is a professional dream for many people. While starting a business can be a ...
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3 Ways Small Businesses Can Prepare for Tax Holidays

By Scott Peterson The back-to-school sales tax holiday season is winding down, but another sales tax holiday is on the ...
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global trade

Logistics Issues You Need to Know for Global Trade

By Jonathan Furman International trade is a lucrative prospect for any company, big or small. But, global trade brings with ...
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