Monday, March 18, 2019
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4 Ways to Overcome Your Ego in 2018

By Andy Bailey The book “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday continues to capture my attention, and I find myself referring back to the...

Leaders, Let’s Get Personal

By Andy Bailey Has a complete stranger ever shared an intimate detail of his life with you while making (what you thought was) small talk?...

3 Small Ways for Business Leaders to Generate Big Results

By Andy Bailey It’s the season of giving, and with another Thanksgiving on the books, I’m more conscious than ever about how essential gratitude is...

Entrepreneurs: You Can’t Have Success Without a Clear Mind

By Andy Bailey If you own a small business, you’re always working. For entrepreneurs, its standard operating procedure to think about your business all day...

How to Know When It’s Time to Fire an Employee

By Andy Bailey Terminating a problem employee on your team can be an expensive solution. Sometimes it’s necessary, but it may not have to be...
your team

5 Steps to Handle Bad News in the Workplace and Move On

By Andy Bailey Every company has its good days and its bad days. And how an organization deals with challenges is just as important as...

4 Words to Avoid in the Workplace

By Andy Bailey Of all the entrepreneurial lessons I learned through building, selling and exiting my first business, the moments having to do with language...

Micromanaging: Do We Really Need the “All Employees Must Wash Hands” Sign?

By Andy Bailey They’re in bathrooms, restaurants and grocery stores, secured over sinks as a reminder of basic hygiene – the infamous “All Employees Must...

4 Hiring Tips for Finding the Right Talent

By Andy Bailey Have you ever watched a live sporting event and noticed recruiters hiding out in the stands? You can recognize those expert talent...

When CEOs Leave: 5 Steps for Successors to Keep Company Culture Intact

By Andy Bailey The “tone” of a company – how the business works, how people communicate, and the culture of the organization – is typically...