personal branding

By Brenda Savoie

Have you heard of the term personal branding? Of course you have! It’s a big thing nowadays. This is the Age of the Individual. The individual, just like everything else that surrounds them, is subjected to branding. In this competitive world, you have to be your own brand.

Are you wondering why that’s necessary? Let’s say you’re looking for a job. You already know that all hiring managers will google your name before inviting you for an interview. What will they see? If you make a personal branding effort, they will see high-quality content under your name. If not, they will see all those silly images you’ve been posting on Facebook throughout the years.

Have you seen Karlie Kloss on YouTube? She has a channel named Klossy, where she shares videos of recipes, talks, and daily happenings. Karlie was already a celebrity when she started the YouTube channel. However, this activity gave her more personality. It’s personal branding at its finest. People are no longer seeing the stiff model on a runway or a pretty Instagram face. They are seeing a vibrant woman they relate to.

YouTube is the perfect medium for developing a personal brand. We’ll share few tips that will help you start.

1. Understand Yourself. Understand Your Brand!

Here it comes; the most challenging question ever: who are you? That’s what you need to answer through your YouTube channel. Identify the person you want everyone to see. Make sure your activity is related to your professional and personal goals. If, for example, you’re a fitness instructor trying to attract more people to your website or class, you’ll share exercies, lifestyle tips, and recipes. If you’re a marketing expert, you’ll share experiences and tips for the community.

YouTube allows you to upload videos on any topic. You can use that opportunity to show yourself as an expert at what you do. Here’s the important thing to remember: this is not a channel where you promote your business. You’re promoting yourself. This can mean only one thing: you have to show your personality and make sure everyone knows your name.

2. Create a Good Profile

Once you figure out what you’ll be posting on your YouTube channel, it’s time to start it. First of all, choose the name. Since this is personal branding we’re talking about, it’s okay to use your own name. However, you may also come up with a memorable name that will be part of your personal brand. Klossy is a nice example of that.

Don’t forget the bio section! Share links to your website and social media pages, and explain what the channel’s purpose is.

3. Stick to Your Niche

You’ll find plenty of channels on YouTube that share all kinds of videos. For example, one channel may include music mixes, cat videos, talks on all kinds of topics, and moments from life. Posting random videos is not personal branding. You have to be very focused!

Johnny Paules, a marketing expert from BestEssays, explains that you need to keep your visitors coming back by maintaining a logical flow between the videos: “You don’t get subscribers and returning visitors with a single video that goes viral. When you’re trying to create a personal brand, consistency is crucial. You want people to recognize you and follow your advice. You can get there by sticking to your niche and sharing videos of value for the viewers.”

4. Brand the Channel

Check out Charlotte Tilbury’s channel on YouTube. She is a celebrity makeup artist. YouTube users who like watching makeup videos immediately recognize hers in the list of suggestions. That’s because she uses a recognizable before-and-after thumbnail. You can recognize the shades and the style – it’s her. The intro is very specific, too. Some YouTubers use one intro in all videos. That works, since it reminds the viewers of your name. Charlotte uses different intros, but they all feature her name.

Brand the channel all over the place! Your style and speech, the thumbnails and the intro… everything is part of the brand.

5. Keep Sharing

Continue filming one video after another. If you want to turn yourself into a brand, you need to share tons of content on the web. The more videos you share, the more subscribers, comments, shares, and views you’ll attract. You’ll attract a devoted audience that will count on you. You’ll turn yourself into an authority. Before you get there, you have to invest some hard work into the YouTube channel.

Personal branding is a continuous process. YouTube may be a challenging platform, but it gives tons of value in return. Try it!

Brenda Savoie is a content marketer, private English tutor, and desperate dreamer. Writing her first romantic novel. Seeking contentment through mindfulness. Check her last article “Who Invented Homework?and Why?”Find her on Twitter and Facebook