Today, podcasting has become one of the most innovative strategies undertaken by organizations to communicate with employees and customers. It is a great way to deliver content for people on the go with the help of transmitting audio and video files.

Wikipedia defines podcast as an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can download and listen to. So, the process of preparing and distributing audio files through the internet is called podcasting. Once you download a podcast in MP3 format, you can transfer it to a portable media player, a mobile phone or a personal digital assistant. Video podcasting is identical to podcasting wherein video files are distributed over the internet, and which are downloaded rather than streamed.

The essential features of podcasting that make it a key marketing tool are its flexible delivery, use of audio or video as an educational medium, and the quality of being an easy and cheap proposition. Podcasting is basically used for a targeted audience. Taking into account this growing online practice of podcasting, Tai Lopez uses podcasts as a great tool for public interaction. It has often made his listeners to build an intimate and personal relationship with him.

Similarly, video marketing is significantly growing in popularity and has become an effective online marketing tactic. In fact, video advertisements are seen as more powerful than any other form of promotion. Entrepreneurs today are aggressively using videos for many of their promotional campaigns along traditional online marketing strategies. The best part of online marketing videos is that they are virtually free and can reach millions of online viewers.

The following points describe how podcasting and video marketing help small businesses to succeed:

Brand Exposure

Podcasting helps you in highlighting your business’s expertise, services, and skills. According to Tai Lopez’s Business mentorship regarding brand expansion on social media, you can promote your company’s unique selling points along with sharing your advice on certain topics and niches. You can record your desired podcast and promote your business effectively while selling your knowledge to your audience at large. It allows you to personalize your product because creating a personal brand is all about finding your voice. So, if you just be yourself and tell your audience what you know best then they will inevitably listen to you and your brand.

Targeting New Audience

Online videos along with high-quality podcasts expose your business to a wider audience. If you cleverly craft your videos that feature humor, entertainment, and information, then it becomes easier for your audience to recall what your video is all about. A strong video marketing also boosts conversions and sales. If you add an innovative product video on your landing page, you will be able to increase your conversion rate by almost 80%. You should be relevant to your audience and offer them solutions by creating videos that reflect their interests and needs. To further understand this, audience research is very important for your videos and podcasts. So, once you have understood your audience pretty well, you start producing videos and podcasts that capture leads.

Boosting Advertising Potential

A high-quality podcasting increases overall advertising potential for any business, which goes a long way to achieve success. Creating an interesting, engaging and informative podcast would definitely compel listeners who would want to go through it right to the end. Similarly, an engaging and riveting short video has immense advertising potential. Now, to your benefit, you can place short advertisements within the podcast as well as video. Usually, the audience doesn’t want to listen to or watch a commercial, but if you are providing a relevant piece of information to your listeners or viewers, they will more likely to continue with it until the end. It’s another effective way to generate more revenue through commercial advertising.

Creating Communities

Podcasting and video marketing can collectively be defined under multimedia marketing that creates communities and joins like minded people with each other. For example, Flickr provides users an interesting platform in which they can perform photo management and photo sharing. Other examples of podcast communities are #PodernFamily and #PodcastMafia. These two podcast communities keep up with independent podcasters on Twitter, both are well followed and you’re bound to interact with like-minded podcasters. The basic advantage we are talking here about podcast communities is that these people have your back and give you a hand if you need it or lend an ear.

Increase in Traffic to Websites

As we already discussed podcasting and video marketing can help you reach out to new audiences in order to expand your business. As a result, it increases your business’s familiarity with a wide range of audiences, which in turn make your listeners take up the subscription of your podcast series and regularly listen to it. The same people afterward will recommend your podcasts to others who may be interested in them, which will significantly increase your reach. Subsequently, the traffic generation to your website will drastically improve.

Hosting and Marketing

Podcasting can raise the bar of your marketing mix by integrating well with other digital marketing efforts. You can use it as an effective conversation-tool by discussing your recent blog posts. Also to increase social media presence, sharing videos and podcasts on the web is a great marketing source. Another type of video marketing and podcasting is known as webcasting, which is essentially broadcasting a video file using streaming media technology. Businesses these days are using webcasting strategy for hosting and marketing their products or services. These effective promotional tools provide a really cool opportunity to take people behind the scenes of a business.

Brand Loyalty and Better Customer Relationship

Podcasting may be among many mediums for you to promote your business, but it has been found that it builds effective relationships with listeners. A series of informative podcasts give a feeling to the listeners that they know the person speaking on the podcast. In this way, businesses can build a relationship with their customers. Also, the customers feel that something is common with the speaker and the brand the speaker is representing. Such a good relationship helps build trust and increases brand loyalty among customers.

No doubt podcasts and videos are highly engaging and businesses have started to augment these elements in their marketing strategies. So, there is every reason for you to implement these relatively newer marketing tactics to grow your company.

Holly Korten is a relentless net worker with several years of experience in marketing domain for Small and medium businesses. Assisting several Fortune 500 companies in revamping their marketing strategies from the ground up, he seeks to achieve the entrepreneurial dream of start-ups to make it big in the market. He aims to spread his marketing finesse to upcoming businessmen.