The statistical specifics may vary, but it is generally accepted that around 70% of small businesses, indiscriminately of their field, will fail with Facebook ads.

By Natasha Lane

This may sound paradoxical when you consider that circa 95% of social media marketing managers report a stellar turn of investment with Facebook ads, but we should make an important distinction here.

9 out of 10 marketers will use Facebook and report success when compared to the experience with other platforms, but when you adjust the parameters for Facebook marketers and small business, a dire picture begins to emerge. Up to 70% of marketing managers with fledgling firms report, with justified frustration, that Facebook ads miss their mark, which is a tragically wasted potential when you consider that we are talking about a pool of 2 billion active users.

1. Your understanding of the field is lacking

Let us begin with the broadest of issues. Just like with any other field, online marketing requires savvy and experience, so you cannot exactly expect to plunge into this realm without any previous knowledge and expect that things will take off by the virtue of your business’ small size. It may sound like patronizing, but many an avid entrepreneur has stumbled over this obstacle. Unless you are born under a lucky star, some basic understanding of content marketing is necessary if you plan to succeed. Familiarize yourself with the specifics of the sales funnel and re-tailor it to your Facebook Ad requirements.

2. Your goals are unclear

Content marketing sales funnel is a good example of a blueprint for outlining a sound marketing strategy through Facebook ads that leads toward specific goals. A set of arbitrarily established goals will not do without going through the intellectual and strategic process that will help you reach them.

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Ask yourself several crucial questions. Do you want to raise brand awareness? Is your plan to retain the interest of current clientele or do you want to bring in the leads? The answer to these question lies between your company’s contemporary business performance and the kind of strategy that predicts the greatest probability of growth. After all, your overarching goal here is to increase the number of customers before you expand the business.

3. Your targeting is too broad or completely off

If Facebook ads are failing, you there is a possibility that you are not targeting the right audience or the right regions. This is where the amorphous ocean of Facebook profiles may work against you. We can say that customers are the ones that define the market but, since an entrepreneur is the one who has to reach out, the better mindset to adopt is that the product dictates parameters which define clientele.

Facebook ads cost dime a dozen, especially when compared to other online marketing channels and it gives you the reigns of modularity when you need to define the clients according to age, gender, sex, areas of interest and many others. Take a step back and recalibrate. If you play these cards right, you will have too many customers to handle, which is one of reliable signs that your business is ready for expansion.

4. Your approach is tone-deaf

Even if your small business has overcome all of the above-mentioned obstacles, an issue of appropriate tone can undermine your efforts with Facebook ads. 92% of people will rather trust a word of mouth than what is peddled through traditional media channels such as TV and newspaper (the percentage of trust with the latter goes down to 47%). This significant difference goes in favor of ‘harnessing’ the more stripped-down rapport on social network.

You have to keep in mind that this is a socializing platform, so even if you view it as a marketplace, you have to meet and befriend potential customers. However, don’t use this interaction as a Trojan horse for peddling product – be forthright about your motives. If it sounds like you are walking the tightrope between these two, that’s because you are, but therein lays the craft of digital marketing.

Everyone likes to use that ubiquitous comparison of 2.3 billion Facebook users with the population of China that boasts 1.4 billion residents. This staggering comparison does not only help you grasp Facebook’s unimaginable omnipresence, but it also gives you a fine idea of what a pool – or better yet an ocean – of promise it represents for marketing gurus. Exploiting the potential of Facebook in full requires you to become as savvy as possible with all the minutiae of the platform in order to find the specific parameters that will funnel your efforts towards the target clientele.

Natasha Lane is a lady of a keyboard and one hell of a growth-hack geek. She is always happy to collaborate with awesome blogs and share her knowledge about IT, business growth strategies and digital marketing trends. To see what she is up to next, check out her Twitter Dashboard.

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