By Caleb McElveen

It is an exciting time when your business is growing. It is very rewarding to see hard work pay off and word spread at how efficient and productive your company performs. But with business growth a lot of changes will be coming. Adapting to consistent growth will be essential for progress to continue. One of the major changes that will be a necessity is a new office space.

Relocating your business is very important to accommodate growth in employees and clientele. As you have established a presence at your current office, it is crucial to inform clients, potential clients and others of where they can now find you. Here is how you can inform every one of your big move.

Using Digital Outlets

A great way to inform current clients and others of your relocation is digitally. There are several resources available for quickly and efficiently reaching each client as well as updating consumers with your new information. A great place to start is sending an informative email to each client outlining where you will be relocating and why. This is a great way to strengthen the relationship and maintain consistent communication.

Social media outlets are also an effective digital resource to instantly interact with your audience. Continuously providing information throughout the process will help keep everyone up-to-date on when you have relocated. Making an announcement on when you decide to move, when the process gets started and when it is completed will have your audience fully informed of the move. It is also a useful method to keep your audience engaged with your business.

Local Listings

If you have not created a local listing portfolio, I highly encourage you to do so. It is a fantastic way to build a local presence and appear in local search results for your industry. There are several authoritative listing resources that will benefit your business several ways.

If you have local listings, it is crucial to update them when you are moving. This will help anyone who is interested in your business to know where your new office is located. Bad information for your local listings will only hurt your business. Neglecting to update your listings will turn potential clients and consumers away searching for the next opportunity.  Updating your listings will help your business stay current with your local search results and keep new clients coming in.

Make a Big Announcement

Moving your business is big news for everyone. This news definitely needs a big announcement and there are several ways to effectively do so. Making an announcement like this tells everyone that your company is doing things the right way.

Creating a press release will effectively announce your move. It is a great way to explain where you have moved and the reasons you had to. Why not update everyone on your company’s success? It is ok to boast sometimes. You and your employees worked very hard to get to this point. Sending postcards is also a great way to make the announcement. Though it is a little old fashioned, it allows you to get creative with your news. Also, announce it on your website. Inform those who visit and do business on your website with a friendly announcement of your relocation.

A Sign for All to See

If you are in a high traffic area, create a sign. It can be a simple method to let everyone know who may pass by or enter your doors that you will be at a new location. Not only will you let them know of your move, but it is also a great talking point with consumers or potential clients. Create an eye catching sign that will have everyone knowing your business will have a new location.

Create an Ad

With so many media outlets available, why wouldn’t you create an advertisement to let everyone know of your move?  A television and radio advertisement can effectively reach a large audience many times to keep them informed of what is going on with your business. A newspaper ad will keep you engaged with your local community and inform readers that you are moving. This is also a great way to build a relationship with your local media outlets.

Caleb McElveen is a media relations specialist representing Allied Van Lines, the largest moving company in North America specializing local, long distance and international moves. Follow them at @alliedvl.