By Lexie Lu

When your business wins an award, the accomplishment could result in several notable things. If it’s a particular product that got recognized, people could begin viewing that item as a preferred choice. If your company was highlighted regarding an achievement, that recognition could make individuals in the community realize your establishment is a great place to work and an entity deserving their patronage.

It’s essential to make it obvious that your business received awards. By doing so, you’re naturally promoting the company. However, you don’t want it to seem like you’re bragging. The ideas below should get you off to a good start for displaying your awards in a positively memorable way — both online and off.

Create Topical Website Sections About Awards Won

If you want enough space to describe the factors that helped your company win various awards or to showcase the recognizable people who have mentioned your product or service’s notability, it’s a good idea to devote a page on your website to those awards. Within it, write topic-driven sections about each milestone your company achieved. Taking that approach allows you to go into detail about what each award means and why it is significant.

Take a look at how O2, a communications provider in the United Kingdom, added an awards page as part of their About Us section.

You can see how the company promotes the way it won a website-related award and discusses matters like how many other brands were in the running and what O2 did to make its website stand out. Notice too, how the page also calls attention to the company’s award-winning pay-as-you-go network. Since O2 won an award for its website, along with another for its mobile phone network, it makes sense to use graphics and headers between each topic on a single page.

Including a section for awards in the About Us portion of the page is a smart move. People often go to that part to learn more about a company and gain information used to decide whether to switch providers.

Put Physical Awards in a Display Case Near a Customer Sitting Area

If your company has a growing collection of trophies, framed certificates and other physical indicators of a job well done, consider putting them all in a dedicated area near where customers sit and wait for assistance. You could either have a specific area for awards or add them to an existing part of your wall décor that draws attention to workplace values.

The latter idea helps emphasize that winning awards is typically a team effort. The collaboration involved means it’s not usually ideal to put awards in the office of the company president or CEO unless that person alone was honored with an award.

Create an Awards-Based Timeline

Perhaps your company has a long history of winning awards, and you believe the consistency shown is as important as the forms of recognition. In that case, think about creating a timeline that displays the awards your company received during particular years.

Recall the O2 example above. It mentioned in passing that the company had received some awards on multiple occasions, but did not give details about which years. That method of providing information was suitable for that case because it seemed clear the company wanted to focus on the most recent accomplishments.

In contrast, look at what Clopay, a doors company, did on its website. The business has received awards since 2012 and decided to display information about all of them through a timeline model.

The use of headers and bolded fonts guides viewers through the content and gives a useful breakdown of what each award signifies. Short paragraphs boost readability, too. Like O2, the company put this content within its About Us section.

Mention the Award on Social Media

After winning an award, don’t forget to highlight the achievement on social media. People follow social media pages because they want to know what’s new with a company or brand. Giving evidence that you won an award shows you’re relevant and doing great things.

Check out how Manpower Group, the Malaysian branch of a worldwide recruitment agency promoted winning eight awards.

The company lists the particular awards it won, then accompanies the post with pictures from the big night. The gallery of snapshots features an equal number of group shots and individual award winners. Showing the footage in that way underscores the collaborative effort while simultaneously recognizing the individuals who received awards of their own.

Include Award-Based Information in Your Distributor Information

If your business sells products through distributors, its respective website probably has a section explaining how people can depend on trusted distributors to get your merchandise in their areas of the country or world. You could repeatedly but naturally draw attention to awards won within the distributor information sheet used online or offline.

Casa Di Lisio, an award-winning Italian sauce maker, does that in various parts of its distributor information sheet. There’s also a table filled with information about the sauces that won gold medals.

Write About the Award in a Company Blog

You probably already know that one of the best practices for keeping a company blog is adding timely content on a regular basis. One of the easiest ways to do so is to write a post that gives the details about the award you won.

Bean & Boy, a soap company that prides itself on high-quality, natural ingredients composed a blog post about how a particular product that’s good for delicate skin won a silver award from a parenting publication. The post includes details about the selection process that determined the winners, helping solidify the fact that the award represents a significant accomplishment for the company.

The content also includes a direct link to the product, so interested readers can buy it. Clearly, this soap blog is getting attention just as much as the soap itself. The medal graphic seen in the bottom right of the screenshot is an award for being one of the top 100 soap-making blogs.

These intelligent ideas prove you have many options for displaying awards in ways that make sense for your business and don’t make it seem like you’re bragging. They also facilitate showcasing accomplishments to emphasize how awards usually get distributed because of team efforts instead of work from single employees.

Lexie Lu is a freelance graphic designer and blogger. She keeps up with the latest design news and always has some coffee in close proximity. She writes on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.